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Voice-O-Matic takes lip synchronization to the next level by using an intelligent phonetic engine to break down audio files cleanly. It automatically assigns correct phonemes and has impressive language support that can handle almost any language including English, Spanish, French, Japanese, Italian and German.

vomBatch pushes the lip synchronization automation even further. Imagine being able to process thousands of audio files without any user interaction, while keeping the impressive quality that Voice-O-Matic deliver, that’s exactly what vomBatch is about.
Already used on many TV series, video games and feature films, vomBatch automate what Voice-O-Matic has been doing successfully for many years.
Di-O-Matic VIP yearly Membership
vomBatch is compatible with Autodesk 3ds max, Autodesk Maya, and Softimage | XSI. It is only available to active Di-O-Matic VIP members and since vomBatch automates Voice-O-Matic, a separate Voice-O-Matic license is therefore required.

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