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Walking Bend Tool

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Walking Bend Tool
Walking Bend Tool

Tool for bending and scaling any animation without leg sliding

Walking Bend Tool is indispensable in the game and animation studios to create motion on curved trajectories, on an uneven surface and so on.

  • For a convenient layout of animations.
  • For reusing finished animations or Motion Capture
  • Bends not only gaits, but also any animations that shift in space

Walking Bend Tool is intended for:

  • Bending any animation along the way without sliding legs
  • Changing the scale of movement of the animation without sliding legs

What’s Included

  • tool script
  • detailed tool guide (in two languages, RUSSIAN and ENGLISH)
  • free rig with walk animation (to try it right away)

Tested on rigs:

  • HIK (Maya Human IK)
  • Advanced Skeleton
  • Bazutkin rig
  • and others…



Quickstart Guide


Advanced Guide & Methods


Make Spider walk on uneven terrain

Works with Maya 2016, 2017, 2018, 2019, 2020, 2022

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