Avid Huddle FAQ

Updated June 2024

What is Avid Huddle?

Avid Huddle is a new SaaS solution that allows post-production teams to securely collaborate remotely and accelerate video content review and approvals. In a hybrid work environment, editors using Avid Media Composer® or Avid | Edit on Demand can now easily share high-quality media during a live Microsoft Teams meeting. Remote reviewers can collectively view, discuss, and comment in real-time from anywhere as if they were working in the same room.

Is Avid Huddle part of Media Composer?

No, Avid Huddle is a separate add-on service that works with all Avid Media Composer® models except for Media Composer | First.

Which versions of Media Composer are required to initiate an Avid Huddle session?

The minimum versions needed to use Avid Huddle are:
• Media Composer | Ultimate and Media Composer | Enterprise version 2023.12 and later
• Any Media Composer version 2024.6 and later
• Avid | Edit on Demand 2024.1

Which versions of Microsoft Teams are required to use Avid Huddle?

The following Microsoft Teams plans support Avid Huddle:
• Microsoft 365 Business Basic
• Microsoft 365 Business Standard
• Microsoft 365 Education

Do Avid Huddle session participants need to have Avid Media Composer?

No, only the host is required to have an Avid Media Composer and an Avid Huddle license.

Do I need a Microsoft 365 license?

Yes, currently, Microsoft 365 versions of Teams are required for Avid Huddle session hosting. Participants can use any version of Microsoft Teams, including the web interface.

Can anyone join an Avid Huddle session?

Yes, anyone the host has invited can join as long as they have internet connectivity. Hosts can also turn on guest access to enable others to join as guests.

How do I get Avid Huddle?

It can be purchased at Toolfarm. Buy Avid Huddle.

Are there prerequisite items that must be set up to enable Avid Huddle?

Yes, please see the Avid Huddle Setup and User Guide

What are the best practices for an editor using Avid Huddle with Media Composer?

Prepare for your meeting by ensuring the following criteria are met:
• Use HD formats – while higher/lower formats are supported, they are down/upconverted. HD resolutions are native to Media Composer’s SRT output.
• Render the timeline (or the section you want to share).
• Make sure your project is in the supported format and frame rate. See the “Video Formats” section of the Avid Huddle Setup and User Guide.
• Make sure Ancillary data is enabled (Settings > Project Tab > General, choose “Generate Ancillary Data TC on playback”).
• Make sure you have a stable, high-bandwidth internet connection
• Join the Teams meeting in advance.
• If possible, use dual monitors (one for Media Composer and the other for the Teams / Huddle session).

Are there any limitations with annotations?

Comments typed in the Teams chat can be imported back into Media Composer as markers. The drawn annotations added when the playback is paused are captured as screengrabs during the session and added to a .pdf file that is generated at the end of the session.

Is the output from Media Composer only through Secure Reliable Transport (SRT)?

Yes, Avid Huddle leverages SRT capabilities that are included in all Media Composer models except for Media Composer | First.

How many participants can be in a meeting?

The maximum number of participants Avid has tested is 50.

Does everyone need a Huddle license to participate in a meeting?

No, only the session host needs an Avid Huddle seat license.

How do I get support for Avid Huddle?

Support for Avid Huddle is accessed through the support contract of your Media Composer
System ID. Media Composer | Ultimate and Media Composer | Enterprise both include ExpertPlus support which offers 24×7 online case creation, phone support, and more.

For complete details on these offerings, please see https://www.avid.com/support/avid-advantage-support-plans

What is the cost of Avid Huddle?

Contact Toolfarm Sales or visit the Avid Huddle product page for pricing information.

Is there educational pricing for Avid Huddle?

Yes! Special pricing for Education users is available. Contact Toolfarm Sales or visit the Avid Huddle product page for pricing. Access to Education pricing requires verification of academic eligibility.

Do I need to start a new Teams meeting for an Avid Huddle session, or can I join an in-progress meeting?

Avid Huddle supports both scenarios.

If I am the Avid Huddle team license administrator, do I need to assign a seat to the email
associated with my Avid.com account to use Avid Huddle?

If the team administrator wants to use a seat in Avid Huddle (or any other team product), a seat must be assigned to the email associated with the Administrator Avid account.

Is watermarking available?

Not in the initial release, but watermarking is being considered for a future release. One solution is for the Media Composer host to use built-in tools to add a transparent title or image to the topmost track of the material being shared.

How can I stop anonymous users from joining my Avid Huddle meeting?

There’s a setting in Microsoft Teams to block uninvited users. For more info refer to the
following documentation: https://learn.microsoft.com/en-us/microsoftteams/anonymous-usersin-

How do I download the comments from my Avid Huddle session?

At the end of an Avid Huddle session, the host/editor clicks the “close session” button, and the comments are automatically sent to a text file, and/or PDF that will be presented for download. If multiple sequences were shared during the session, a separate text file or PDF will be created for each sequence where comments / annotations were made. File names are presented as: “reviewsession-summary-8_8_2023-9_35 AM” for example.

How are the comments imported into Media Composer?

In Media Composer, select Tools > Markers > import markers. Select the exported file, and the markers will appear in the timeline for easy reference.

How can the annotations made during the session be saved?

After the session is closed, participants can export a PDF or a TXT file that captures the annotations made during the Avid Huddle session. The PDF will have the annotations with specific timecodes as well as any frames that were captured with drawings on them.

Is there any recording, storing, or analysis of the data whether in its original form or abstracted?

No. Due to security concerns, audio and video are not stored anywhere. As a live stream, no media persists once the session is closed.

Can you provide a detailed explanation or diagram of the data flow?

For the stream flow, it is very simple: Media Composer > Plugin SRT > Media Server > Avid Huddle Teams APP. All steps are token-protected to ensure security.

What security measures are being taken to protect the data, including encryption in transit
and at rest, system access controls, etc.?

Avid Huddle protects your data using modern security practices. For more information, see the “Security Information” section of the Avid Huddle Setup and User Guide.

Do your Microsoft Teams user and your Avid.com user need to match

No, the huddle instance is licensed through your Avid account ID and allows huddle to work. The Teams account ID can be different and unrelated to the Avid.com ID.

Can I add seats to my monthly Avid Huddle licenses?

No, adding seats to the existing Avid Huddle team during the subscription term can only be done with Annual licenses purchased through the Avid website. If you need additional seats for your users, you can add another Avid Huddle team license to your account with the desired number of seats.

When you purchase Avid Huddle, when does the clock start on the license?

The clock starts ticking on the Avid Huddle license when it is purchased and added to your My Avid account, not when it is activated by the host.