aescripts + aeplugins licenses

aescripts + aeplugins licenses won’t work?

When you order a product that comes through aescripts + aeplugins, you’ll be issued a temporary serial number that is valid for one user and expires in 30 days. You need to exchange that serial number for your permanent serial number.

For example, you may see an error that says “Licence number provided was not recognized. Please try again.”

To remedy this, use the Temporary Link Exchange below to convert your serial number into a permanent

Haven’t received your permanent license?

Check your spam folder, and specifically, if you’re a Gmail user, check the folder called “Promotions” as the aescripts + aeplugins emails often end up there.

Of course, you can always access your downloads in your aescripts account. Go to the My Downloads & Licenses section of your user account.

In addition, you can find this information in the aescripts + aeplugins Manager app.