Greyscalegorilla Plus vs. Teams

Greyscalegorilla offers two great inclusive packages, Greyscalegorilla Plus and Greyscalegorilla for Teams. Find out which option fits your needs best. We break it all down in the table below.

Make sure you scroll down to find out how floating licenses work with Greyscalegorilla teams.



for Teams

Targeted to
Individual Artists
Groups of Artists or Teams
Includes ALL Greyscalegorilla Plugins, Materials, Training and access to PLUS.
All material collections and assets
All GSG Plugins
Unlimited Render Nodes
Subscription terms
Node-locked (Tied to one user)
Custom Licensing
Custom Licensing Solutions for Your Growing Team
Multi-User Single Login Option
Minimum licenses
Easy Deployment and Management for IT
Offline Access
Purchase orders and consolidated billing
Onboarding Assistance
Ongoing Customer Support
Subscription Price


$599/year per license

Minimum purchase 3 licenses
Volume Discount pricing


How do floating licenses work with Greyscalegorilla Teams?

Our policy: We consider all Greyscalegorilla Team licenses as floating. For example, if you have ten computers, but only five artists need to use our products at one time, you are permitted to install them on all ten computers. The number of artists using our products at any given time will be limited to the number of Team licenses sold.

Greyscalegorilla PlusGreyscalegorilla Plus

Step up your 3D career.

Plus gives you what you need to create beautiful renders in less time. Learn how you can get over $8000 of Pro Training, Material Collections, and Plugins for only $49 per month or $399 per year.

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Greyscalegorilla for TeamsGreyscalegorilla for Teams

Your one-stop to get everything your team needs

Greyscalegorilla for Teams includes every Greyscalegorilla Cinema 4D plugin, material collection, asset library, and professional training series. To summarize, an annual subscription includes all upgrades, support, maintenance, and render nodes. In addition, there are no hidden fees. Our Teams program is available to customers ordering 5 or more licenses.

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