RenderGarden Installation & Uninstall

Below we have a collection of common RenderGarden questions, covering installation, error messages, plugin support, rendering and file formats, and more.

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Installation & Licensing

Does RenderGarden work with all versions of AE?

We officially support back to CC2014. But we have found it works back to CS5 (unsupported).

How can I use a non-licensed After Effects in Render-Only Mode?

You do not need to have Creative Cloud serialized to run aerender. Simply follow these directions to enable Render-Only mode for aerender.

How to Uninstall Rendergarden

  1. Go to your applications folder.
  2. Inside this folder there is a file called Uninstall Rendergarden.pkg. (Note: The name is slightly different on Windows but will be similar enough that you can find it).
  3. Click the Uninstall app and follow the instructions. It will remove RenderGarden from your computer.

I’m getting errors regarding licensing effects and missing fonts.

All render nodes must have plug-ins serialized and fonts installed. Some plug-ins require you to run the plug-in once to license it through the After Effects GUI. If you are on a render node you may need to license Creative Cloud, run AE to install the plug-in licenses, then de-serialize AE before running in render-only mode.

Download FFMPEG & Python

The version numbers reflect the current version when this was added to the FAQ. There may be something newer available.

RenderGarden Documentation

RenderGarden user manual (PDF).

I’m working a bunch with Python and have 3.6 installed on my windows but RenderGarden forces me to install 2.7 and change my path to 2.7 instead of 3.6, resulting in messing with my current other python projects.

RenderGarden is using Python 2.7 because it’s still the standard in most studios, and it’s what ships with all Macs, even with the latest Mac OS. Python 3 is incompatible with Python 2, so we had to choose one. But on Windows you should have no problem using Python 2.7 alongside Python 3.6. You don’t need to switch your PATH environment variable to 2.7, just browse to your Python 2.7 in RenderGarden’s preferences. In fact, if you have it installed in the standard place, C:Python27, RenderGarden should see it by default.

If I were to buy and install this plugin on each machine would it make a difference with render time?

The license gives you one submit script and unlimited render nodes. So you only need to install the Gardener app on the render nodes which is free. Spawning more than one Gardener on each render node will increase rendering time over native AE 2-3x on average. So on a single machine, you can see a 3x speed increase, and if you throw a second machine on it you can see a 6x increase. Your 24CPU system will love RenderGarden.

On Windows, do I just install Python, and then FFmpeg in the same directory on each Windows computer, if I want to network render? Is there anything else I have to do besides that?

Correct. Then install the Gardener on each render node. Make sure all render nodes can see the server where the seed bank is, the aep, and the render directory, and make sure all plug-ins and fonts are installed on every computer.

Does Python also need to be installed on each Windows computer?

Yes. In the same directory. Do I need to install Python on Mac? No. Python comes pre-installed on every Macintosh, so you only need to install FFMPEG.

How do I switch my submit license to another workstation?

Each RenderGarden license entitles you to one submit and an unlimited number of render nodes. To move a submit script’s license to a new machine, simply run the RenderGarden installer on the old submit workstation and choose Uninstall. Then run the installer on the new machine.