Below, we have random V-Ray FAQs that customers have asked us about V-Ray products, or questions that come up often.

V-Ray Collection

Can you use V-Ray for Revit and V-Ray for 3ds Max at the same time on the same PC if you have a V-Ray Collection?

Yes! The V-Ray Collection is made just for this purpose.

V-Ray Render Node

Will V-Ray Next Render Node licenses work with V-Ray 5 Workstation licenses?

No, users who wish to use V-Ray 5 to render need V-Ray 5 Render Node licenses.

When you use a V-Ray render node to help speed up a render farm, do you still need a trial version of the design application (ie 3ds Max) to be installed on that PC?

I don’t believe so if I’m understanding this correctly. You will need to run another application that comes with the node. “V-Ray DR spawner (vrayspawner) is used in CPU distributed rendering. It starts a 3ds Max instance on the slave machine that waits for render requests;”