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10 Free HDRIs

We’ve been doing these special 10 Free posts every couple of weeks on Toolfarm. This week we’re featuring Free HDRIs. There are actually hundreds here, but here are 10 links to places to download freebies.

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1 Google Maps to StreetView Grabber

Google Maps to StreetView Grabber allows users to extract 360° panoramic images or maps, right from Google Streetview.

Compatibility: Unknown, but Windows for sure, as the screenshots show Windows.

Download/More info: Google Maps to StreetView Grabber

2 No Emotion HDRs

What it does: Download HDRs of fields, skies, forests, buildings, and more.

Download: No Emotion HDRs – Use the top menu to download the HDRs.

3 Free HDRIs from Joost Vanhoutte

Designed for Marmoset Toolbag 2, these HDRIs include a range of indoor and outdoor shots.

Download: Free HDRIs (at Gumroad). Just enter $0 for the price.

4 Noah Witchell Free HDRIs

A nice assortment of free HDRIs and, of course, may be used for any purpose, commercial or otherwise.

Download: Noah Witchell Free HDRIs

5 Free HDRIs from Eisklotz

Download HDRIs featuring images from Germany. There are images such as bridges, chapels, forests, streets, grasslands, and more.

Download: Eisklotz HDRIs. These are free to download from Google Drive, but it says “Buy it and it’s yours. It can be used in non-commercial and commercial projects.” These are $3, so not expensive.

6 Kungfujackrabbit HDRI StudioLighting Setups

From Gary E Lewis, these are two sets of HDR images in the LAT LON format. Each of the HDRi’s is a type of studio lighting for interior product renders and closeups specifically. His files are ready for use in any 3D packages supporting the use of HDRI such as Maya, 3ds Max, ZBrush, Keyshot, Cinema 4D and more. He also has a free Arnold Shader set that you can download.

Download: Kungfujackrabbit

7 HDRMaps

Artist Grzegorz Wronkowski has some really nice HDRI images. He asks that you credit him if you don’t want to donate. There are loads of files here!

Download: HDRMaps

8 HDRI Haven

All 100% Free HDRI images and very nice stuff! All HDRIs are licensed as CC0 and can be downloaded instantly, giving you complete freedom. You can donate if you want to support the site, though.

Download: HDRI Haven

9 HDRI Skies

HDRI Skies offers a very high dynamic range full 360° HDRi skydomes that are free in 2K resolution. If you want higher-res, you will need to purchase them.

Download: HDRI Skies

10 Viz-People HDRIs

Free HDRIs for non-commercial use.

Download: Viz-People HDRIs

HDRIs for Sale at Toolfarm

We have plenty of HDRIs for sale here if you can’t find what you’re looking for among the freebies.

Dosch Design

Check out this specialized HDRIs from Dosch Design.

Greyscalegorilla HDRI products

And the customer favorite, Greyscalegorilla. Below, some of their HDRI products.

Posted by Michele Yamazaki