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Toolfarm’s 2022 People’s Choice Awards – Vote for your Favorite Tools!

Toolfarm 2022 People's Choice Awards

Vote now on your favorite tools for video, 3D, audio, and VFX! Enter to win a $250 Toolfarm store coupon*, which will be drawn at random after the survey closes on December 3, 2022. Results will be made available the following week. Voting should take you no more than 5 minutes, 10 minutes if you really want to ponder your choices!

This year, we’ve broken it down a little differently, allowing users to easily skip any question. If you don’t see your favorite tool mentioned, then write it in! And, at the end of the survey, we have a limited-time coupon code for 5% off anything in our store**. It’s just a little thank you for taking the time to take our yearly survey.

Without further ado, vote below! Or, take it at Google if you are not seeing it below.

The fine print

*The winning $250 coupon must be used at one time and can not be split over multiple orders. An unused amount cannot be credited back to the winner’s account.
**Some restrictions apply. aescripts+aeplugins products are not eligible for the discount.

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Posted by Michele Yamazaki