A Conversation with Ric Viers, Sound Effects Designer

Ric Viers Conversations with Video and Audio Pros

Michele Terpstra from Toolfarm and her husband Dan talk to Ric Viers in the first episode of Conversations with Video & Audio Pros. Ric is a sound effects artist, and author and of several books on sound design, including one specifically for teens. He talks about how he got into the industry. They chat about 80s pop culture influences in the sound design industry, too. In addition, Ric gives lots of fantastic tips on recording your own sound effects for your film.

Listen to the Ric Viers Interview, Episode 1

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Special thanks to my husband Dan who co-hosted the episode with me and helped with some of the editing and finishing of the podcast. He has a background in audio engineering, so that’s helpful!

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This podcast is the first in a series of podcasts. The idea is to talk to people in the industry who are working on interesting projects or have a specific skill. The conversations are meant to be fun and not at all dull, while at the same time giving you bits of useful information about the topic at hand. Give us your feedback on this one. Should we do more? Should we not bother? Let us know!

Posted by Michele Yamazaki