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Adobe FAQ: Mac OS X Mountain Lion (v10.8) Compatibility

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Adobe Creative Suite 6 Master Collection FAQ

CS6 Master Collection is ideal for small design shops that need to nimbly deliver across media and is essential for large media, advertising, and other companies that need to equip their design and development teams for any creative challenge. Educational institutions also find Master Collection an efficient way to outfit their classrooms and learning labs with the broadest array of professional tools for their students.

Q: What is CS6 Master Collection and who is it for?
Master CollectionA: CS6 Master Collection combines the latest versions of Adobe's professional design and development tools in one value-packed offering. Have all your favorite design, web, and video tools at your fingertips, including Adobe Photoshop® Extended, Illustrator,® InDesign,® Dreamweaver,® Flash® Professional, Adobe Premiere® Pro, and After Effects®, along with brand-new tools such as Adobe SpeedGrade™ and Adobe Prelude.™

Q: I already own CS5.5 Master Collection. Why should I upgrade to CS6?
A: CS6 Master Collection delivers all-new versions of key Adobe professional products, including Photoshop and Illustrator, which were not updated for CS5.5. Significant performance improvements across almost every component are a highlight of CS6 Master Collection, with native 64-bit support and GPU enhancements that give you full advantage of your computer’s power. Powerful new creative options enable the crafting of fluid, adaptive designs across all media. Reach new audiences on the latest platforms.

Q: I already own some CS5 or CS5.5 products. When does it make financial sense to upgrade to Master Collection?
A: You can save money when you upgrade to CS6 Master Collection or another Creative Suite edition instead of buying individual components. Generally, if you are planning to purchase three or more individual components and they are not available in another suite edition, then Master Collection can make financial sense.

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product matrix

Purchasing Options

Creative Cloud for teams

CS6 Design Standard, CS6 Design & Web Premium, CS6 Production Premium, CS6 Master Collection

Value Incentive Plan

Traditional licenses

Customer value

  • Simple sign-up process with no minimum entry level or minimum level to maintain
  • Administrator console that provides easy seat management
  • No membership renewal fees
  • Anniversary date established for co-termination

Volume discounts in a single transaction without membership requirements

Significant savings on high-volume purchases throughout a two-year period

1+ Users 1+ Users 5+ users

* Internet connection required. Syncing functionality requires a separate download and agreement to additional terms. Adobe online services, including the Adobe Creative Cloud service, are available only to users 13 and older and require agreement to additional terms and Adobe’s online privacy policy (see www.adobe.com/go/terms). The applications and online services are not available in all countries or languages, may require user registration and may be subject to change or discontinuation without notice. Additional fees or membership charges may apply.

Production PremiumAdobe Creative Suite 6 Production Premium FAQ

Adobe® Creative Suite® 6 Production Premium software is the high-performance toolset with everything you need to create productions for virtually any screen. Avoid workflow bottlenecks thanks to easy project exchange with other NLEs and tight integration between Adobe Premiere® Pro, After Effects,® and Photoshop.®

Q: Why should I switch to Production Premium if I’m using another NLE?
A: Adobe Creative Suite 6 Production Premium software goes beyond a new NLE, with the full post-production pipeline for virtually any type of production. Tight integration between Adobe Premiere® Pro, After Effects,® and Photoshop® expands your capabilities and saves time, and seamless project exchange with Adobe Premiere Pro and Final Cut Pro or Avid Media Composer makes it simple to switch.

Q: Can you tell me more about integration in Production Premium?
A: Adobe Premiere Pro is not only designed to let you work easily between the editing timeline and After Effects or Photoshop, with support for a wide number of formats and Adobe Dynamic Link, but it is also part of a full production pipeline. You can ingest and organize footage in Adobe Prelude before bringing it into Adobe Premiere Pro, and while working on an edit, you can refine audio in Adobe Audition® and color grade and finish in Adobe SpeedGrade™ before batch encoding the result in Adobe Media Encoder. After Effects is closely integrated with Photoshop and Adobe Illustrator® as well.

Q: Why should I buy Production Premium over After Effects on its own?
A: CS6 Production Premium offers more value for your money than After Effects, without adding premium cost. Adobe Premiere Pro supports working with After Effects projects like no other NLE can, and Photoshop and Illustrator are closely integrated with After Effects, which now includes the ability to bring Illustrator vectors into After Effects as Shape Layers. SpeedGrade adds color grading and finishing, and Adobe Media Encoder is a superset of the Render Queue that works in the background.

Q: What are the newest components in Production Premium?
A: CS6 Production Premium includes two entirely new applications. SpeedGrade is a sophisticated color grading and finishing system. Prelude is designed for on-set ingest, the addition of metadata, and rough edits that can be imported and improved in Adobe Premiere Pro. Prelude is available only in Production Premium.

CS6 Production Premium: Plan to Playback

Design and Web PremiumAdobe Creative Suite 6 Design & Web Premium FAQ

Adobe® Creative Suite® 6 Design & Web Premium software is the ultimate design toolkit for creative freedom and precise control. Deliver eye-catching digital images and craft illustrations and graphics that remain crisp when scaled. Lay out high-impact print documents with exquisite typography, and design publications for iPad and other tablet devices.

Q: I own an edition of Web Premium. Can I upgrade to CS6 Design & Web Premium?
A: Yes. Due to the similarity of the components included in Web Premium and Design Premium, we decided to combine the two editions. Customers who own a previous edition of Web Premium will find their trusted software applications included in CS6 Design & Web Premium.

Q: I own an edition of Design Premium. Can I upgrade to CS6 Design & Web Premium?
A: Yes. Due to the similarity of the components included in Design Premium and Web Premium, we decided to combine the two editions. Customers who own a previous edition of Design Premium will find their trusted software applications included in CS6 Design & Web Premium.

Design StandardAdobe Creative Suite 6 Design Standard FAQ

Adobe® Creative Suite® 6 Design Standard software combines industry-standard tools for professional print design and digital publishing. Create eye-catching images and graphics at lightning speed, and lay out top-quality print pages with exquisite typography. Also produce highly designed eBooks, and deliver media-rich publications for iPad and other tablet devices as easily as pages for print.

Q: Why should I buy Adobe Creative Suite 6 instead of an individual component?
A: You’ll get more for your money. With the latest versions of your favorite components, Creative Suite 6 Design Standard offers a jam-packed creative toolbox at significantly less cost than the price of purchasing the individual components separately.

Q: Why should I upgrade to Creative Suite 6?
A: By upgrading to Creative Suite 6, you stay on the cutting edge by taking advantage of significant improvements in efficiency, along with new creative tools and tighter integration between products.

Q: Why do I need all the components in a Creative Suite edition?
A: For each of the Creative Suite 6 editions, Adobe has selected the products that are most useful for specific customers and functions. In most cases, you will find that you use each tool in some capacity throughout the creative process. And even if you don’t use every component now, you have the flexibility to use them later.

After EffectsAdobe After Effects CS6 FAQ

Industry-standard Adobe® After Effects® CS6 software helps you deliver cinematic visual effects and sophisticated motion graphics. Maximize 64-bit performance with Global Performance Cache. Extend your creativity with the 3D camera tracker, text and shape extrusion, photo-realistic light manipulation, superior masking, and innovations such as Roto Brush and Warp Stabilizer.

Q: Why don’t you support 32-bit operating systems anymore?
A: We’ve heard from our customers that performance is critical, and from a technology perspective, we know that only 64-bit operating systems can deliver the power video professionals require. By focusing on 64-bit operating systems and native 64-bit support for After Effects, we offer superior performance and large-project stability.

Q: Don’t I need a node-based compositing tool for high-end visual effects work?
A: After Effects already offers the flexibility of node-based tools—often at a fraction of the cost. You can precompose elements into their own composition module and use track mattes, stencil and silhouette alpha modes that apply to multiple layers, a vast number of plug-in effects, and a powerful Expressions language to create dynamic relationships between parameters.

Q: Can After Effects deliver the performance that professionals require?
A: After Effects offers native 64-bit operating system support for optimal performance and the ability to use all the RAM that your operating system allows. With Global Performance Cache, OpenGL acceleration, RAM and disk caching, and multiprocessor and multicore support—including the ability to render multiple frames in parallel—After Effects can deliver the performance you need.

Premiere ProAdobe Premiere Pro CS6 FAQ

Adobe® Premiere® Pro CS6 software is the industry-leading cross-platform video editing software. Edit low-resolution to 5K and higher resolution footage with greater speed and precision without transcoding. Get stunning 64-bit performance, highly intuitive workflows, and enabled for timesaving Adobe integration. Stabilize footage with the innovative Warp Stabilizer, easily create and edit multicam sequences, and quickly encode finished video for virtually any screen.

Q: Why should I switch to Adobe® Premiere® Pro CS6?
A: Adobe Premiere Pro CS6 software includes more than 50 powerful new features designed to make switching NLEs easy. Integrate with Adobe After Effects® and Adobe Photoshop® software, industry-leading performance, plus broad native tapeless and DSLR camera support, precise editing tools, superior color fidelity, and more, let you handle the most demanding projects with ease.

Q: I use After Effects®; should I consider Adobe® Premiere® Pro CS6?
A: After Effects users turn to Adobe Premiere Pro for ingesting virtually any type of video footage thanks to integration enabling you to easily send compositions to Adobe Premiere Pro sequences without having to render them first. Choose Adobe Premiere Pro CS6 for intuitive, real-time workflows; timesaving native support for ARRI, Canon, and RED® digital cinema cameras, and more.

Q: Should I buy Adobe® Premiere® Pro CS6 or Adobe Creative Suite® 6 Production Premium software?
A: Adobe Premiere Pro CS6 software is the video editing component in Creative Suite 6 Production Premium. If you also create motion graphics and effects, color grade, or edit audio, consider Production Premium, which includes After Effects®, Photoshop® Extended, Adobe SpeedGradeTM, Adobe Audition®, and Adobe PreludeTM. Creative Suite 6 software’s extensive integration delivers smooth post-production workflows.

speedgradeAdobe® SpeedGrade™ CS6 FAQ

Q: What is SpeedGrade CS6?
A: Adobe SpeedGrade CS6 software is professional color grading software that brings state-of-the-art color science to your productions. Output to virtually any type of display, from handheld tablets to the big screen.

Q: What’s new in SpeedGrade CS6?
A: Now part of Adobe Creative Suite® software, SpeedGrade CS6 offers a new streamlined interface and the Lumetri™ Deep Color Engine, giving you confidence in your color decisions. Load projects from Adobe Premiere® Pro software and use professionally designed presets to get up and running fast. Native .Look file support in Adobe After Effects® and Adobe Photoshop® software provides visual consistency across your productions.

Q: Do I need a special graphics card to run SpeedGrade CS6?
A: The SpeedGrade CS6 Lumetri Deep Color Engine is entirely GPU accelerated and requires a certified graphics card for optimum performance. Adobe recommends using an NVIDIA® Quadro 4000, 5000, or 6000 graphics card.

Q: What is the Lumetri Deep Color Engine?
A: The Lumetri Deep Color Engine is the 32-bit floating-point image processing technology at the heart of SpeedGrade. The nondestructive Lumetri Deep Color Engine offers maximum latitude for working with RAW and High Dynamic Range (HDR) footage, allowing you to pull details from your blacks and highlights that might otherwise become lost.

auditionAdobe Audition CS6 FAQ

Q: Some features I use in Adobe Audition 3 weren’t in Adobe Audition CS5.5. Are they available in Adobe
Audition CS6?
Adobe Audition CS5.5 was a completely new product. It offered many of the core capabilities in Adobe Audition 3, but because it was based on a new underlying architecture, it did not have an identical feature set. Many of the most requested features from Adobe Audition 3 are included in Adobe Audition CS6, including CD burning, clip grouping, tone generation, the Metronome, and support for Mackie and EUCON hardware control surface protocols, to name a few. Download the trial version of Adobe Audition CS6 to try out all the new features.

Q: Can I use Adobe Audition CS6 on a Mac?
Yes. You can run Adobe Audition CS6 on the following operating systems:

  • Mac OS—Mac OS X v10.6 or v10.7
  • Windows®—Microsoft® Windows XP with Service Pack 3 or Windows 7 (32 bit or 64 bit)

Q: Is Adobe Audition part of the new Adobe Creative Suite® 6 family of products?
Yes. In addition to being sold separately, it also is available as a component of Adobe Creative Suite 6 Production Premium and Master Collection software.

PhotoshopAdobe Photoshop CS6 FAQ

Q: What is Adobe Photoshop Lightroom® and does it work with Photoshop CS6?
Photoshop Lightroom software helps you quickly import, process, manage, and showcase volumes of photos. Its tight integration with Photoshop CS6 lets you easily take advantage of unrivaled pixel-level retouching and compositing, giving you a complete professional photography solution.

Q: I use Photoshop. Should I consider stepping up to Photoshop Extended?
Adobe Photoshop CS6 Extended software delivers everything in Photoshop CS6 plus tools for creating and editing 3D images and performing quantitative image analysis.* Consider Photoshop Extended if your images are used across a variety of media or if you work in film/video production, architecture, engineering, medicine, scientific research, or manufacturing.

Q:Should I buy Photoshop CS6 or Adobe Creative Suite 6 Design Standard?
Photoshop CS6 is the professional standard for digital image editing. If your work involves creating and sharing images within page layouts, you may want to consider Creative Suite 6 Design Standard, which includes Photoshop CS6 as well as Adobe Illustrator® CS6, InDesign® CS6, and Acrobat® X Pro. Smooth integration among the components provides an efficient workflow.
* Adobe® Photoshop® Extended 3D features and some GPU-enabled features are not supported on Windows XP.

IllustratorAdobe Illustrator CS6

Adobe® Illustrator® CS6 software is the industry’s premier vector-drawing environment for creating graphics that scale across media. Capture your vision with shapes, color, effects, and typography. Experiment freely with perspective, image tracing, gradients, brushes, and strokes—all driven by the Mercury Performance System so you can make fast work of your most complex designs.

Q: What is Illustrator CS6 and who is it for?
Adobe Illustrator CS6 is the industry-standard vector graphics software, used worldwide by designers of all types who want to create digital graphics, illustrations, and typography for all kinds of media: print, web, interactive, video, and mobile.

Q: What are vector graphics and why are they important?
Vector graphics are one of the two most commonly used graphic formats in design, the other being bitmap (or raster) graphics. Vector graphics, like those created with Illustrator CS6, are resolution independent, which means they can be resized infinitely with no loss of quality. For example, the same logo design created with Illustrator can be used on a business card or an outdoor billboard, always maintaining the accuracy and detail of the original design.

Q: What's new in Illustrator CS6?
Illustrator CS6 adds the new Mercury Performance System that delivers native 64-bit support for both Mac OS and Windows,® so you can work with precision, speed, and stability on large, complex files. An updated interface streamlines daily tasks, and new creative options let you create and edit seamless vector patterns, leverage a new tracing engine, and apply gradients to strokes.

Q: Does Illustrator CS6 still support 32-bit operating systems?
Illustrator CS6 supports both 32-bit and 64-bit Windows operating systems, but only supports 64-bit operating systems for Mac OS. The lack of 32-bit support does not affect the majority of Mac computers that use Intel® processors. The only Mac users affected by the lack of 32-bit support are those using Intel based Mac computers with Intel Core™ Duo (single-core) processors.

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