Adobe Premiere Pro CS6 New Features & Resources!

Jon Barrie of Adobe in Australia has been putting some great content on the “Moving to Adobe Premiere Pro” group on Facebook, plus a few other hot tips for you.

Adobe Premiere CS6As you may have heard, Adobe Creative Suite 6 came out today. This article focuses on Adobe Premiere Pro CS6. Note: We will be updating this page as we have more information so bookmark it and check back often! Updated May 1, 9:30pm EST

FREE Trial

If you'd like to try the Trial version, we link to it on our Demo Downloads under “Standalone”. While you're there, try some plug-ins! 

Plug-ins – Compatibility, Moving them to CS6, etc.

Speaking of plug-ins, we've been keeping track of which plug-ins are compatible with Adobe CS6. Compatibility: Adobe CS6 – 3rd Party Plug-ins Updates


News: NVIDIA Releases Mercury Transmit Plug-in for Adobe CS6 Support

Workflow Guides for different Cameras

Native Camera workflow guides & Top 10 Reasons to Switch to Premiere Pro CS6 – May 11, 2012

Having Installation Issues?

Also, have a look at Adobe CS5 Cleaner Tool for installation problems (removes CS3-CS5.5) + Moving Plug-ins

New Features not to Miss!

Jon Barrie of Adobe in Australia has been putting some great content on the “Moving to Adobe Premiere Pro” group on Facebook, plus a few other hot tips for you. If you're not on Facebook (and its shocking to me but there are people who are NOT on Facebook!), I'm posting them below. It's worth checking out the page so you can see comments and follow up from Jon.

Adjustment Layers in Premiere Pro CS6

“Adjustment Layers are my personal favourite feature. Grading with this give you the power to control a “Global” grade! The Technical grade working shot to shot and use the Adjustment Layer to give it the feel. Need to make a change, 1 change, all content underneath gets the look. Swap out a shot, bam. Add more content, extend the Adjustment Layer – bam! More CS6 goodness tips to come!”

Here is a video from Adobe TV on using the new Adjustment Layers in Premiere Pro:

Warp Stabilizer in Premiere Pro CS6

He posted a great sample of stabilized video which will be part of a Video Tutorial Demo he will put up soon, all done within Premiere Pro CS6. “Native DSLR Canon Footage, Warp Stabilizer, Adjustment Layers, Secondary CC on Greens only, Basic Grade, Titles PIP, Scale, position, 2.35:1 overlay Widecreen Letterboxing (Also PIP with the side by side and some other tweaks) Playing back in RT! No rendering required until I was creatively satisfied.” The video is not embedable from Facebook but you may be able to see it if you don't have an account.

He also added that “Warp Stablizer is inside Premiere Pro now too! No need to round trip to AE just for that amazing plug-in.” Here is more on that from Adobe TV:

Great Resources online for Premiere Pro CS6

FREE Training for Premiere Pro CS5.5:

Last night I found an App that is currently free on the App Store if you're running iPad, IPhone, etc. Learn Premiere Pro 5.5. Of course, Premiere Pro CS6 is out today! Save $10 at Toolfarm!

Posted by Michele Yamazaki