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After Effects 24.5 & Premiere Pro 24.5 – June 2024 Updates

After Effects 24.5 & Premiere Pro 24.5 - June 2024 Updates

Adobe Released the June 2024 updates for After Effects 24.5 and Premiere Pro 24.5 yesterday. Here’s what’s new, straight from the Release notes.

Adobe After Effects

What’s New in After Effects 24.5

The June 2024 (24.5) release presents new features, workflow improvement, and important fixes in After Effects.

Shadow catchers 

Create realistic composites using a 3D shadow catcher layer to capture shadows cast by overlying 3D models.

Animated models support

Access embedded animations in the imported GLB or GLTF models and select one of them to play back in your composition.

Get depth data from an Advanced 3D scene

Extract depth data and use the map to create more realistic composites by simulating real-world camera settings for 3D renders.

OBJ Import from Libraries

Drag and drop 3D models directly from Creative Cloud Libraries into your project to enhance workflow, collaboration, and efficiency.

New presets for numbers, shapes, and more

Use new animation presets that cover infographics, numbers, transitions, textures, and more to streamline your creative projects.

Camera and Light properties in the Properties panel

Use the Properties panel to quickly access and edit Camera and Light properties and work with layer transforms.

Eran Stern covers What’s New in After Effects 24.5

What’s New in Premiere Pro 24.5

Adobe Premiere Pro

Now in Premiere Pro, you can add custom watermarks to proxies and work natively with more Canon and RED camera files. We also updated ProRes presets and export performance and improved the AI-powered Enhance Speech feature. It’s the perfect time to update.

Custom watermark for proxy files

Clearly mark proxies with a custom or default watermark inside Premiere Pro.

3 times faster ProRes export speeds

ProRes export is now up to three times faster, and export presets are now 16-bit for professional outputs. 

Enhance Speech improvements 

Enhance Speech has been updated to work even better with recordings of varying audio levels. 

Expanded Canon and RED Support 

Work natively with Canon EOS C400 and RED V-RAPTOR [X] camera files in Premiere Pro.

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