Update: Assimilate Scratch 9.3 with NDI, Light Illusion + Sale Info

Update: Assimilate Scratch 9.3 with NDI, Light Illusion, Omniscope

In summary, Assimilate Scratch 9.3 includes native support for NDI and integrated a direct connection to Light Illusion’s ColourSpace CMS. In addition, a CIE Plot scope, enhanced panel mapping capabilities, and media defaults in the project settings.


Assimilate Scratch 9.3 Version 9.3 requires a re-activation of your license.

If you have a valid v9.2 license, then the license automatically updates to include the new 9.3 version. The re-activation is as simple as clicking the Activate button. Contact Toolfarm support if you have any questions on licensing for version 9.3. Also, this version not fully backward compatible. Do not downgrade from this version and then open a project in a lower version, after opening it in v9.3. Always create a backup of your projects before upgrading. In addition, Assimilate advises you not to upgrade in the middle of a project.


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Below, the press release for Assimilate Scratch 9.3.

Assimilate integrates NDI, Light Illusion & OmniScope into Scratch, Play Pro 9.3

SAN JOSE, CA — Assimilate (www.assimilateinc.com) has announced the availability of Scratch and Play Pro 9.3, greatly boosting features and efficiency in production and post-production workflows. Play Pro is a professional player for VFX-reviews, ProRes RAW QC, and genuine ProRes transcoding on Windows. Version 9.3 integrates Newtek NDI, Light Illusion ColourSpace CMS, and Time in Pixels’ Nobe Omniscope to provide more efficiency in the camera-to-post pipeline while working in distributed/remote workflows.

NDI allows users to easily and directly connect Scratch to various apps, such as SetStream.io, OBS, or even Skype and Zoom, without cables, wires, or delay. (View demo: https://vimeo.com/476188656). Light Illusion’s ColourSpace patch generator is now integrated natively in Scratch and Play Pro 9.3 to provide 100 percent accuracy in 32-bit patch generation for monitor profiling and a consistent color pipeline. Time in Pixels’ new scoping software, Nobe OmniScope, is now integrated into the Scratch tools so that both can now run in parallel on the same workstation without the need for an external image-analyzer device or additional video-io hardware.

Scratch now includes a new CIE plot diagram in its internal scopes and has improved ProRes RAW decoding capabilities. DITs can now precisely define how RAW footage should be processed in Scratch by setting RAW media defaults upfront in the project settings. Furthermore, Assimilate has re-branded its online review tool, Scratch Web, to Dailies Online and has doubled the available cloud storage for all users at no additional charge. By using Scratch’s recently introduced on-screen annotation features, DITs and finishing houses can not only share dailies but also increase their productivity in VFX review sessions.


Available immediately, with the Creative Reboot, Scratch 9.3 starts at $59 monthly and $495 annually. Play Pro 9.3 starts at $10 monthly and $99 annually.

“Nobe OmniScope has proven to be the fastest, smoothest, and most precise end-to-end suite of scopes available for macOS and Windows,” states Jeff Edson, CEO of Assimilate. “Whether you’re working on dailies, color grading in HDR, analyzing reference images, or doing live-grading on-set, Nobe OmniScope makes a highly valued addition to the native toolset in Scratch.”

“Scratch 9.3’s native NDI integration adds speed and flexibility to my streaming sessions without the need to purchase I/O hardware or LUT boxes,” notes Jeff Sousa, colorist at Dungeon Beach in New York. “It allows Scratch to uplink directly to SetStream.io via the blazing-fast WebRTC protocol, giving me latency-free interactions with my clients and great image quality. And since NDI is ‘just another output’ to Scratch, I can control exactly what the client sees, toggling masks on and off, and even apply a stream-only display LUT to calibrate their viewing device remotely. When streaming via NDI, I can also round-trip to After Effects for rotoscoping or Avid Media Composer for conforming, and the client won’t lose signal on their program, making Scratch 9.3 a powerful finishing hub for remote workflows.”

Posted by Michele Yamazaki