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New: Audio Design Desk Atmospheres Vol 1 Sound Pack

Audio Design Desk Atmospheres Vol 1 Sound Pack

Audio Design Desk released ‘Atmospheres Vol 1,’ a sound pack featuring a curated collection of designed sound environments. Whether crafting futuristic worlds or augmenting reality, these custom-built ambient atmospheres offer creative control and flexibility beyond pre-recorded options. From room tones to sci-fi landscapes, ‘Atmospheres Vol 1’ provides the tools to craft unique soundscapes for all your projects.

Take a listen: Atmospheres Vol 1 Soundpack

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Audio Design Desk

Audio Design Desk

Sound Design Reimagined - Comes with 45,000 Sounds and Music Cues!

When budgets are tight and deadlines even tighter, don’t let technology frustrate you from being the best. Audio Design Desk was created to get the technology out of the way of your craft. Whether you are designing a promo, a post or a feature film, with Audio Design Desk, you will work faster than you ever thought possible. Guaranteed.

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Posted by Michele Yamazaki

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