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New: AXYZ design | anima® 5 is out!

AXYZ Anima Pro 5

AXYZ design | anima 5 is a must-have tool for anyone involved in architecture and architectural visualization. New in this version, a 4D Digital Human walking character system, Neural Crowds, and other improvements!

4D Digital Human walking character system

Among the most significant features in anima 5, AZYZ design introduced a new 4D Digital Human walking character system. This new feature brings a level of realism previously not available in any crowds system.

To explain, the new models simulate walking characters with extreme naturalness, facial expressions, and clothing deformations. In addition to the existing pedestrian path generation system, a new one has been specifically developed to control the new characters and use them in both close and medium camera shots.

Neural Crowds

In addition, AXYZ design developed Neural Crowds, a new crowd AI generation system based on neural networks. This AI system is built from training with thousands of walking movements performed with motion capture. The result is crowds that move naturally and are lifelike.

Other improvements in anima 5

In addition, AXYZ design improved the anima .Y file format to include valuable vertex velocity information allowing for much more realistic and physically correct motion blur. Dazzle your clients with extremely impressive results and unparalleled realism.

Finally, AXYZ design spent months on the encoding and decoding algorithms of their 4D format to boost performance in Unreal Engine 5. Create immersive environments populated with dozens of stunning 4D characters!

AXYZ Design anima ProAXYZ Design anima Pro

Animated people and crowds.

AXYZ Design anima Pro is people and crowd animation software developed specifically for architects and designers to add 3D people, 4D people animated characters to their projects quickly and easily. With anima® software, 3D people become human beings.

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AXYZ Design anima ALL SubscriptionAXYZ Design anima ALL Subscription

+2100 characters, one unique subscription.

anima® ALL is the complete solution to populate your architectural visualization scenes and CG projects with unlimited access to anima® PRO and thousands of metropoly® photorealistic characters to give life and scale to your architectural projects.

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Posted by Michele Yamazaki