Beta: Chaos Group V-Ray for Houdini – Now in Beta

Beta: Chaos Group V-Ray for Houdini – Now in Beta

Available immediately by popular demand: your number one renderer is now compatible with your favorite application for blowing things up!

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Here's what's available in V-Ray for Houdini Beta 1

Powerful Rendering
High-performance GPU and CPU rendering capabilities allow for rapid look development and final frame rendering.

Volume Rendering
Achieve fast, accurate illumination and rendering of VDB volumes through the V-Ray Volume Grid.

Physical Hair
The new Physical Hair shader renders realistic-looking hair with authentic highlights. *Beta 1  supports hair as SOP geometry.

V-Ray Scene Support
Quickly transfer and manipulate the properties of V-Ray scenes from applications such as Maya and 3ds Max.

Packed Primitives
Take advantage of the speed and efficiency when handling Houdini's native-packed primitives at render time.

Supports copying any object type (including volumes) using Packed Primitives, Instancer and “instancepath” attribute.

See V-Ray for Houdini In Action

Ingenuity Studios incorporated V-Ray for Houdini into their pipeline for Taylor Swift's “Ready For It?” music video.

Posted by Kim Sternisha