Beta: SiNi Software Scatter, a 3ds Max plugin

Beta: SiNi Software Scatter, a 3ds Max plugin

Scatter gives users an easy way to build, modify, 3D paint, and animate complex 3ds Max scenes. There’s an open beta right now, so download it and check it out!

Download the beta – Free trial at open-BETA. Scatter will automatically be installed with SiNi installer v1.09.3 and above.

Scatter has been designed to make complex scenes with as little work as possible!

SiNi Software wanted a scatter tool that allows for clean animation of distributed objects without regen-popping as well as the ability to intuitively refine the scene by adding paint and erase features similar to our 3d paint tool, Disperse.

The plugin allows artists to add any 3d object, proxy (including ProxSi and all leading renderer proxies) and point cache files. You can offset animation as well as adding color variation to any material. It includes the ability to save and load presets from a file, meaning you can save your favorite presets locally or on a network, for everyone to access.


  • Works with 3d geometry, ProxSi, and 3rd party proxies.
  • Works with external ProxSi files.
  • Save Scatter presets to the library.
  • Animating settings won't pop visibility.
  • Fast mesh building on render time.
  • Colour and texture variation.
  • Spline and Camera clipping.
  • Export to edit mesh.
  • No license needed for render farms

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SiNi Software All Access comes with IgNite, ProxSi, SiClone, Forensic, Disperse and Scatter.

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Posted by Michele Yamazaki