News: Substance Painter Live Link (3ds Max, Maya, MODO, Blender)

News: Substance Painter Live Link (3ds Max, Maya, MODO, Blender)

Xolotl Studio has created a Live Link connection between Substance Painter and several DCC’s like 3DS Max, Maya, Blender, MODO, and Houdini. We shared the beta link on our blog in December 2017 and it was popular, so I’m updating this post since the beta is no longer available. The released product is available on Gumroad.

Download Substance Painter Live Link here

This is not free but it’s a name your own price deal. The creator of the tool, Ymmanuel, sent me an email and told me that our beta link was very popular and we know we have a lot of customers who use the following compatible products.

  • Blender 2.79+ (Principled shader)
  • Maya 2017+ (Redshift, Arnold, Vray and Renderman)
  • Houdini 16.5+ (Redshift, Renderman and Arnold)
  • 3DS Max (Redshift, Arnold, Corona and Vray)
  • Modo (Standard material, Unity material and Unreal Material)

Ymmanuel also tells me, “It is also ready for any format coming from Substance Painter, you can use packed textures, it supports the use of UDIMS and it allows esports of files up to 8k resolution) mostly features from feedback of active users.”


  • All file formats from SP
  • Packed or non Packed textures in shaders
  • Up to 8k res export

He also said, “There are some more upgrades planned in the future. like integrating Cinema 4D, integrating the Mantra render from Houdini as well as connecting with Marmoset TB and Octane and a Linux compatible version.” He wants this to be as accessible as it can be for everyone.

Posted by Michele Yamazaki