Black Friday | Cyber Monday Sales: Audio Software Discounts

Black Friday and Cyber Monday Deals at Toolfarm Audio Software

Black Friday deals on Audio software are Live! We’ve once again consolidated our sale posts to make it easier for you to find deals on your favorite products.  This post is dedicated to all our Audio Software discounts.

Black Friday Audio Software Discounts

This is in alphabetical order.  I’ll give a sample from each company of what’s on sale. Please note the sale start and end dates.  Click the “Shop All…Products” button to see all the sales for that particular company. Or click the “Shop Now” button below to shop all Black Friday Deals.  Bookmark this page, as more offers will be added as we get closer to Black Friday.

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Up to 70% Off Select ProductsNow Through December 6, 2021

auto tune accessAuto-Tune Access

Antares Auto-Tune Access is the easiest and most affordable way to start using Auto-Tune. It delivers the core Auto-Tune features with a simple and intuitive interface.

SALE: $29.00



harmony engineHarmony Engine EVO

Harmony Engine EVO gives you new ways to create the harmony parts you hear in your head, using a variety of innovative Harmony Control modes, from fully automatic to individual control of every note.

SALE: $124.50


Auto-Key mic mod

Auto-Key is an automatic key and scale detection plug-in, designed to enhance your Auto-Tune workflow and save valuable time in the studio.

SALE: $24.50


Auto-Tune Unlimited Auto-Tune Unlimited

Every great song starts with a great vocal. Auto-Tune Unlimited delivers the complete set of tools you need to make any vocal performance a perfect performance. (Plus, keep Auto-tune Access forever)

SALE: $149.99


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Up to 35% Off All ProductsNow Through December 6, 2021


Chordjam is an innovative plugin that builds chords and progression patterns through intuitive user-guided randomization.

SALE: $39.00



Riffer is a smart MIDI tool that generates musical Riffs & Sequences by combining Pitch, Duration, Velocity & Density.

SALE: $39.00


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35% Off All ProductsNow Through November 30, 2021

IDC: Instant Dialogue Cleaner

The Simple Solution for Tough Audio Problems

Regular Price: $65 SALE: $42.25


XTRAX STEMS (Annual License)

One Song In, Four Stems Out.

MSRP: $60.00 SALE: $39.00


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Up to 50% Off Pro Tools and Sibelius Now Through December 31, 2021

pro toolsPro Tools

Create. Collaborate. Be Heard.

Pro Tools Annual Subscription: MSRP: $299.00 SALE: $199
Pro Tools | Ultimate Annual Subscription: MSRP Price: $799.00 SALE: $399.00



The fastest, smartest, easiest way to write music.

Ultimate Version, Annual Subscription: MSRP Price: $239.00 SALE: $149.00


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Blue Cat Audio

Up to 40% on Select Blue Cat Audio ProductsLimited Time Only

blue catAxe Pack

Blue Cat’s Axe Pack is the ultimate software package to shape the tone of your favorite axe (guitar or bass), and play your instrument “in the box”.

SALE: $269.00


blue catAxiom

Blue Cat Axiom is a powerful and open multi-effects processor and amp simulation software for guitar and bass.

SALE: $159.00


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BOOM Library

The Complete BOOM Basics – Only $799 Now Through December 1, 2021

The Complete BOOM Basicsboom basics

The BOOM BASICS collection gives you the essentials of the BOOM Library experience. A strong selection of sounds (about 10%) from each of the 65 full BOOM Library collections.

MSRP:$1249.00 SALE: $799.20


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D16 Group

50% Off BundlesNow through November 30, 2021

total bundleTotal Bundle

Gathers all D16 plug-ins ever made.  Contains Vintage Roland’s classic emulations, SilverLines effects including Godfazer, Sigmund and Repeater quality delay units and their flagship synthesizer; the LuSH-101.

SALE: $514.50


sample tankSilverline Bundle

Contains Spacerek, Godfazer, Tekturon, Decimort, Devastor, Antresol, Syntorus, Toraverb, Redoptor, and Fazortan.

SALE: $262.50


Classic Boxes Bundlemic mod

Contains Nepheton Drum Machine, Drumazon Drum Machine, Nithonat Drum Machine, and Phoscyon Bass Line.

SALE: $164.50


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Melody Sauce Only $32 Ends Today, November 29, 2021

melody sauceMelody Sauce

Melody Sauce is a VST / AU MIDI FX that uses advanced generative algorithms to help you create instrumental melodies and hooks as MIDI in your music production software.

SALE: $32.00


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25% Off All FabFilter Products – Ends Today, November 29, 2020

total bundleTotal Bundle

Best vocal mix spotted easily. Improves your vocal tracks in only a few clicks. This Express is a little brother of the ToneSpot Voice Pro.

SALE: $749.00


pro qPro-Q

Simulate the devices and environment of your audience to make your mix exceptional for everyone.

SALE: $134.00


volcanoVolcano 3

Today, Volcano 3 continues to deliver the best in creative filtering with new non-linear filter shapes and a completely redesigned interface that is an absolute delight to work with.

SALE: $97.00


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FL Studio

FL Studio – All Plugins Edition – 20% Off Now Through November 30, 2021

FL Studio All Plug-in Editionfl studio

FL Studio is a complete software music production environment or Digital Audio Workstation (DAW).  All Plugins Edition includes ALL features and native plugins available at the time of purchase.

MSRP:$499.00 SALE: $399.20


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Up to 20% Off DeepRemix and DeepAudio Now Through November 30, 2021

deep audioDeepAudio

AI Empowerment. Audio Mastery.

MSRP Price: $349.00 SALE: $279.00



AI Liberation. Music Creation.

MSRP Price: $99.00 SALE: $95.00


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IK Multimedia

Up to 60% Off Select ProductsNow Through January 4, 2022


Legendary guitar/bass gear on your Mac/PC. Captures the sound, feel and vibe of over 400 of the most sought-after guitar & bass gear ever.

MSRP: $599.99 SALE: $349.99



sample tankSampleTank MAX

The complete sound and groove workstation. Includes over 250 GB of samples and 8,000 sounds.

MSRP: $499.99 SALE: $249.99


T-RackS MAXmic mod

Auto-Key is an automatic key and scale detection plug-in, designed to enhance your Auto-Tune workflow and save valuable time in the studio.

MSRP: $499.99 SALE: $249.99


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New Holiday Bundles + Deals starting at $49!Now Through December 12, 2021

iZotope Holiday Bundle Platinum Edition

Mix, master, repair, polish, and create. Includes Ozone Standard, Neutron Standard, Nectar Elements, RX Elements, Trash 2, Iris 2, Stutter Edit 2, Phoenix Verb, R2, Excalibur and BreakTweaker Expanded.

MSRP: $1899.00  SALE: $99.00


iZotope Holiday Bundle Gold Edition

Mix, master, repair, polish, and create. Includes Elements Suite, Trash 2, Iris 2, Phoenix Verb, R2, Excalibur, BreakTweaker Expanded and Stutter Edit 2.

MSRP: $1342.00 SALE: $49.00


iZotope Holiday Bundle Diamond Edition

Mix, master, repair, polish, and create. Includes RX Elements, Nectar 3 Plus, Ozone Standard, Neutron Standard, Trash 2, Iris 2, Phoenix Verb, R2, Excalibur, BreakTweaker Expanded, Stutter Edit 2 and Neoverb.

MSRP: $2269.00 SALE: $149.00


iZotope Music Production Suite

Unmask your mix, unlock your sound.  Includes Neoverb, Nectar 3 Plus, Stutter Edit, 2 VocalSynth 2, RX 9 Standard, Insight 2, Neutron 3 Advanced, Ozone 9 Advanced, Tonal Balance Control, Breath Control and Melodyne, R4 by Exponential Audio, NIMBUS and Groove3 Video Training

MSRP: $999.00 SALE: $499.00


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Up to 34% Off Phase Plant and Toolbox Ultimate Now Through December 10, 2021

phase plantPhase Plant

With hundreds of factory presets by renowned sound designers such as Rob Swire (Pendulum, Knife Party) and Francis Prevé you’ll quickly grow to love the diversity of Phase Plant.

SALE: $99


toolboxToolbox Ultimate

Featuring every snapin available, this bundle has you covered as far as sound design goes.

SALE: $299.00


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Krotos Audio

50% Off All Krotos Audio Products, Bundles and Upgrades – Now Through December 15, 2021

Reformer Pro

Transform Your Input. Perform Your Sound Design.

MSRP: $399.00 SALE: $199.50


Dehumaniser II

Your favorite tool for creature sound design

MSRP: $399.00 SALE: $199.50


Krotos Everything Bundle

The Krotos Everything Bundle combines Krotos’ full plugin catalog with the complete Krotos sound library collection to deliver the most content and best value bundle Krotos has ever produced.

MSRP: $4184.00 SALE: $2,092.00


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Mastering The Mix

15% – 50% Off All ProductsNow Through December 6, 2021

resoRESO – 15% Off

Dynamic Resonance Suppressor

MSRP: $69.00 SALE: $59.00


EXPOSE – 50% Off

Audio quality control application

MSRP: $69.99 SALE: $34.50


MIXROOM – 25% Off

Intelligent and Versatile EQ Plugin

MSRP: $69.00 SALE: $51.75


Shop all Mastering The Mix products



Up to 58% Off – Sound Forge Pro/Suite, ACID Pro, Samplitude Pro – Now through December 5, 2021

sound forgeSOUND FORGE Pro

SOUND FORGE Pro offers powerful tools for professional recording, editing, mastering and restoration. SOUND FORGE Pro lets you achieve maximum quality results at the highest level of technology.

SALE: $239.00


acid proACID Pro

Its unique workflows, innovative features and professional tools were designed specifically for loop- and sample-based music production. Compose, arrange, record, mix and master. But most importantly: be creative. Experience ACID Pro.

SALE: $199.00


samplitudeSamplitude Pro

Samplitude Pro X6 fulfills the highest demands in quality for each and every audio production, from first take to final master.

MSRP: $499.00 SALE: $249.00


Shop all Magix products



50% Off MasterCheck & Modern Mastering Bundle Now Through November 30, 2021


MasterCheck is the complete solution for optimising your mixes for today’s music delivery services.  MasterCheck reveals problems ahead of time, and enables you to deliver masters perfectly tuned for specific playout systems.

SALE: $99.50


modern mastering bundleModern Mastering Bundle

Modern Mastering delivers ground breaking functionality – streaming service auditioning, pristine limiting and a full suite of audio analysis tools & play-out delivery measures – all built with a level of usability not available anywhere else. Bundle includes Visualizer, MasterCheck and ISL.

SALE: $149.50


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50% Off Serato Sample Limited Time Only

sampleSerato Sample

Powerful and intuitive Sampler plugin – Quickly find, chop, key shift and time-stretch samples. The world-famous Serato Pitch ‘n Time algorithm is built-in, giving you best key-shifting and time-stretching quality in the market.

SALE: $49.00


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54% Off smart:ReverbNow Through November 30, 2021

47% Off smart:EQ – November 29 – 30 Only


smartreverbSonible smart:Reverb

smart:reverb delivers custom-tailored reverb by adjusting its processing to the individual characteristics of the input material and creates a navigable range of styles from scratch.

SALE: $59.34


smarteqSonible smart:EQ (November 29-30 Only)

smart:EQ 3 enhances detail, clarity and transparency in single tracks and in arrangements of up to six channels. Establish spectral balance in your sound within a few seconds.

SALE: $68.37


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Up to 75% Off Soundtoys 5 Products! Now Through December 1, 2021

soundtoysSoundtoys Bundle

Soundtoys 5 brings together our entire range of audio effects into one powerful collection. Includes all 21 Soundtoys plug-ins.

MSRP: $499.00 SALE: $229.00




The Ultimate Echo Plug-in

MSRP: $199.00 SALE: $69.00



phase mistressPhaseMistress

Analog Phaser

MSRP: $129.00 SALE: $39.00


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Steven Slate

Up to 67% Off All ProductsNow Through November 30, 2021

chordjamDrums 5

Steven Slate Drums 5 is a Drum Virtual Instrument and Sample Library with 103 Kick Drums, 111 Snares, Hundreds of Tom/Cymbal/Percussion Sounds, and 1,000 Grooves.

SALE: $99.00


rifferTrigger 2 Platinum

SLATE DIGITAL’s TRIGGER 2.0 is the next generation drum replacement plugin. TRIGGER has a phase accurate multi layered triggering engine.

SALE: $49.00


Shop all Steven Slate products


Sugar Bytes

Up to 58% Off All Products! Now Through November 30, 2021


DrumComputer is the new specialist for synthetic drums, combining classic and modern synthesis with flexible modulations and luxurious sequencing.




Effectrix is a professional multi-effect sequencer, a game-changer in the way contemporary music is made.



phase mistressSugar Bundle

Sugar Bytes Bundle includes DrumComputer, Aparillo, Effectrix, Obscurium, Turnade, Factory, WOW2, Looperator, Egoist, Cyclops, Guitarist, Consequence, Thesys, Unique, and Artillery2.



Shop all Sugar Bytes products


Synchro Arts

Up to 50% Off All Synchro Arts Products including upgrades! Now Through December 31, 2021

VocAlign Ultravocalign ultra

VocAlign Ultra takes plug-in based vocal matching to a whole new level with unparalleled control and total flexibility.

MSRP: $399.00 SALE: $279.00


VocALign Project vocalign project

The industry standard plugin for aligning audio, VocAlign Project 5 takes two separate vocal performances and effortlessly aligns their timing in seconds.

MSRP: $149.00 SALE: $99.00


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Up to 60% Off Select ProductsEnded November 26, 2021

60% Off IntensityNow Through December 1, 2021


UNVEIL is a real-time, de-mixing based plug-in that allows attenuating or boosting reverb components within a mixed signal of any channel count, including mono sources, as well as modifying reverb characteristics.

MSRP: $379.00





UNCHIRP is a plug-in for removing the most obnoxious artifacts associated with lossy audio encoding and other FFT based processes, such as spectral de-noising.

MSRP: $379.00




REPAIR Bundle repair

Audio Restoration & Enhancement Plugin Bundle.  Includes Unveil, Unchirp & Unfilter.

MSRP: $789.00



Intensity intensity

INTENSITY brings out a sound’s inherent detail, increases its perceived loudness and density, and adds insane amounts of clarity.

MSRP: $379.00 SALE: $149.00


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