Big Screen Effects: Avengers: Infinity War

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So many film and VFX websites have featured VFX Supervisor interviews and behind the scenes looks at Avengers: Infinity War. Here is a roundup of some great content about Avengers latest film.

Avengers: Infinity War – Behind the Scenes

See some still images at CGHow.com.

Avengers Infinity War BEHIND THE SCENES & All Trailers

Flicks And The City Clips has it all in one place.

The Art of VFX interviews VFX and other Supervisors

A lot of people worked on this film, and we mean a lot! Luckily, The Art of VFX was able to talk to many VFX Supervisors and others who had important roles in the film.

  • Digital Domain – Kelly Port (VFX Supervisor) with Phil Cramer (Animation Director), Eric Scott (VFX Producer) And Darren Hendler (Head Of Digital Humans)
  • FrameStore – Patric Roos (VFX Supervisor) & Liam Russell (Animation Supervisor)
  • Marvel Studios  – Dan DeLeeuw – Overall VFX Supervisor
  • Method Studios – Greg Steele – VFX Supervisor
  • Weta Digital – Paul Story (Animation Supervisor) with Sean Walker (CG Supervisor), Ashram Ghoniem and Gerardo Aguilera (FX Supervisors)
  • DNEG – Graham Page – VFX Supervisor

Other Articles about the VFX in Avengers: Infinity War

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Posted by Michele Yamazaki