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sini black friday sale

SiNi Software is offering 30% off SiNi All Access and IgNite during the Black Friday/Cyber Monday sale.  Offer ends December 3, 2019.

SiNi Software Black Friday/Cyber Monday Sale

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sini all accessSiNi All Access

30% Off All Access! Sale ends December 3, 2019.

Work smart with SiNi!

SiNi Software is a developer of Autodesk® 3ds Max® plugins that minimize your time doing the tedious and boring stuff, allowing you to focus on the creative work you enjoy.

SiNi All Access includes IgNite, ProxSi, SiClone, Forensic, Disperse and Scatter.

MSRP: $240.00 SALE: $168.00

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sini igNiteSiNi IgNite

30% Off All Access! Sale ends December 3, 2019.

The IgNite Springboard is our flagship product, developed to become essential to every 3ds Max artists experience. The UI is packed with more than 130 tools and plugins, to speed up time consuming tasks or simplify access to common tools and your favourite Maxscripts.

MSRP: $200.00 SALE: $140.00

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Posted by Kim Sternisha