New: Blue Cat Connector, Audio & MIDI Streaming Plug-in

New: Blue Cat Connector, Audio & MIDI Streaming Plug-in

Please welcome Blue Cat Connector, the virtual cable for your virtual studio!

Connector, a universal connection plug-in that can stream audio and MIDI in real-time. It works between any locations that can load plug-ins, even on different machines connected to a network. In addition, create your own routings “in the box”, without any extra cable, and with minimal latency!

Main Features of Blue Cat Connector

  • Universal connection plug-in available in VST, VST3, AAX or Audio Unit format.
  • Create your own audio/MIDI routings inside your DAW (feedback loops allowed).
  • Create connections between any audio software on multiple computers.
  • Minimal latency, with full control over buffering.
  • Supports multiple sampling rates on a single connection (built-in resampling).
  • Built-in drift compensation.
  • Send and receive back audio/MIDI with a single instance.

Blue Cat ConnectorBlue Cat Connector

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The Virtual Cable For Your Virtual Studio

Blue Cat Connector is an audio & MIDI streaming plug-in that can be used to transmit audio and MIDI signals in real-time between several computers or applications, or create your own routings within a single application, with minimal latency.

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Blue Cat All Plug-Ins PackBlue Cat All Plug-Ins Pack

The complete software collection from Blue Cat Audio

Blue Cat All Plug-Ins Pack is the complete professional digital audio processing environment in a single bundle. Get the Blue Cat's PatchWork standalone application and the complete collection of Blue Cat Audio's commercial audio plug-ins. To summarize, a total of 21 products, including 6 award-winning unique audio analysis tools, 3 powerful dynamics processors, 4 premium equalizers. Not only that, get a unique scripting plug-in to build your own effects or virtual instruments.

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Posted by Michele Yamazaki