Midweek Motivations: Cebas and Goran Pavles Interview

Cebas and Goran Pavles Insights Interview on TP and Visual Effects

In this video, Edwin Braun, CEO of Cebas Visual Technologies talks to Goran Pavles, Senior FX Lead. The interview gives insights on Pavles visual effects work, Cebas thinkingParticles and visual effects.

The following information is from the YouTube Page:

0:20 — Goran Pavles introduces himself: getting from the Swiss Alps to North America; from architectural visuals to Hollywood movies. Beginning a VFX career with major studios: Uncharted, Pixomondo, ScanlineVFX. Goran talks about his current freelance workplace at the Blomkemp’s private studio, Oatsstudios (more later in the interview).

5:54 — A creative and ingenious way of using thinkingParticles – how Goran got the idea to do tree rigging and sims; – talks about procedural controls in thinkingParticles;

7:30— Goran’s insights on handling crazy, complex setups in TP and working with procedural hierarchies;

9:23 — how discipline do you need to be with TP scene hierarchies on setup: layering, groups and debugging.

11:17— He talks about his most remarkable TP VFX scene that he has done: Pixomondo’s Zeppelin crash scene.

12:55 — what about his 2nd best TP vfx scene (Europe) : Uncharted’s ‘2012’ road destruction, house crumbling scenes.

14:25— what are some of the worse experience he has had doing visual effects?

15:44— the EffectiveTDS.com/Forum started by Goran Pavles, Eloi Andaluz and Manuel Tausch : building a vfx support community via the forum – things that cannot be learned from a film school.

19:05— Goran reminiscent on the good old’ days where things were less fast-paced and the existence of vfx support groups to learn and resolve technical issues with the community and how he and the rest hope to bring back the community mutual help forum at http://www.effectivetds.com/forum

20:28 Goran and Edwin talks about 3dsMax as the best pipeline to start any VFX or 3D company and the great Max community. Max is an ace for movie making effects, VR and architectural visuals.

22:49 — Commenting on different vfx pipelines and tools and its interchangeability ;

25:24 — What makes an awesome VFX artist? 26:40 — Goran’s insights into how he tackles his VFX projects with thinkingParticles; 28:33 — more elaboration on procedural FX for the Zeppelin crash scene and scripting tools;

30:49 — What is Goran pavles’ favourite TP operator : SC, solver integration; group and attributes; applying the solver only to desired particles; memory and referencing of different particles in TP is something the artists won’t find in other tools in the market.

32:28 — Edwin touches on latest enhancement for thinkingParticles: ‘Multiplication of Power’ : add one operator and how that multiplies the ability of the other operators; 34:03 — What is Goran’s wish for TP that it is not already doing? 35:23 — a bit more about his current stint in the new Blomkamp Oatstudios on Youtube;

36:57 — Goran and Edwin talks about tips to new artists wanting to get into VFX : the generalist and specializations : RBD / compressible fluids / destruction / cloth effects / air effects. – Stop and click Subscribe to cebas channel for more interview alerts- 42:29 — Return to Joe Scarr on how Goran himself got started at ScanlineVFX.

43:40 — The two talk about Canada/Vancouver as a centre for the films (movies and TV series) and visual effects industries : demand outstrips supply at the moment;

45:11 — How the Games industry and Commercials are now catching up with high quality large scale VFX;

46:08 — So, is it a good time to start a career in VFX ?

49:16 — Edwin talks about the emerging markets and the need for more VFX – TP specialists for worldwide demand;

50:50 — Goran asks Edwin about cebas future plans and directions – Edwin talks about GPU / Hybrid technology for VFX and rendering and the challenges ahead.

Posted by Michele Yamazaki