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Chaos Corona 12 Brings Vantage Scene Export, Curved Decals

Chaos Corona 12 Brings More Stunning photorealism

This update brings an integration between Chaos Corona and Chaos Vantage. In this initial phase, users can export their Corona scenes in .vrscene format, and open them in Vantage. Once in Vantage, users can explore the scenes in real-time and render images in seconds. This is ideal for faster scene exploration, test renders, and even final renders in some cases. Users can also import their Corona scenes into Vantage to create animations using Vantage’s animation features, benefiting from the lightning-fast speed of GPU rendering.

The second stage of the Corona and Vantage integration will enable a live link between the tools, allowing users to render animations created in 3ds Max and Cinema 4D in Vantage. This is expected with Corona 13 towards the end of 2024.

Other exciting features coming with Corona 12 are Scatter Instance Brush (in Corona for 3ds Max), curved decals, improvements to Corona Pattern and Corona Sky, and a new version of the VFB.

What’s new in Corona 12?

  • Corona to Vantage scene export. Import your Corona scenes into Chaos Vantage to render test images in seconds. Create animations in Vantage and enjoy the lightning-fast speed of GPU real-time rendering. 
  • Curved Decals. Easily bend labels around curved objects like bottles and spherical items without distortions.
  • New Virtual Frame Buffer (VFB 2). Use the new VFB features like improved A/B image comparison, multiple LightMix setups within one render, and deferred bloom and glare calculations.
  • Corona Pattern improvements. Create new and incredibly realistic materials with the help of Corona Pattern. Geometric objects can now be used to define the shape of the crop box, allowing designers to employ snapping tools and more to get the perfect pattern.
  • Scatter Instance Brush (Corona for 3ds Max). Enjoy full creative control over the scattering process with a brush tool to refine procedural instances.
  • Corona Sky improvements. Enhance day-to-night transitions with even lower sun angles adding an extra layer of realism.
  • New Density parameter in Corona Sky. Customize your cloud density in one click.
  • Corona Material Library is now available on Chaos Cosmos, saving you time when switching between asset libraries. 
  • Enjoy a more streamlined workflow with the new Cryptomatte by material

Chaos Corona

Chaos Corona

Realism without the headaches.

Chaos® Corona is the only renderer created specifically for high-end architectural visualization. Be an artist, not a technician, and achieve photorealism with greater ease than other rendering software.

Explore the key features in Corona for 3ds Max and Cinema 4D.

Works with Autodesk 3ds Max version 2016-2025 or MAXON Cinema 4D R17-2024.

Learn MoreTry Chaos Corona for free!

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