Clay Asbury Interviews Plugin Everything

Clay Asbury interviews Plugin Everything Interview

Clay Asbury talks to James Whiffin, Digby Hogan, and Matthew Alexander of Plugin Everything. In the interview, they talk about how they met and got the company started. They also talk about the plugins that they make and how they fill a need in the industry. They also talk about how they see the industry changing in the near future. Interesting stuff!

Read the interview at ClaytonAsbury.com

Products from Plugin Everything mentioned in the Clay Asbury Interview

Plugin Everything Deep GlowPlugin Everything Deep Glow

Deep Glow generates a beautiful, physically accurate glow. You’ll never want to touch After Effect’s default glow again.

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Plugin Everything Everything BundlePlugin Everything Everything Bundle

Save 45% on Plugin Everything’s ‘Everything’ Bundle!

 Something for every AE user, whether compositor or motion designer:

  • TextBox – Draws a customizable box around text that updates with the text
  • TextDelay – Delay’s transformations and opacity per character, line or word
  • KeyMix – Mix multiple keys on one layer
  • File Hunter – Hunts down missing files inside AE
  • Deep Glow – GPU accelerated, physically accurate glow simulator
  • Effect Matte – Generates a matte that snaps to layer bounds
  • Cartoon Moblur – Generates stylish ‘cartoony’ motion blur
  • Bezier Node – Draws beautiful bezier curves between two points
  • OCD Renamer – Auto renames layers based on applied effects, parents, children or mattes.

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To download a trial version, click on the product page.

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