Coming Soon: Greyscalegorilla End of Year Sale – 24 Hours only December 8, 2021

gsg end of year

Mark your calendars!  Save 30% on all Annual Memberships and Renewals of Greyscalegorilla Plus for 24 hours starting December 8, 2021.   Grab a full year of Greyscalegorilla Plus for only $280!

Join Plus on December 8th and Save Big!

For one day only, save 30% on Greyscalegorilla Plus.  That’s over $9,800 of time-saving Plugins, Materials and Training for only $280! Don’t miss out on the lowest price of the year for new Plus memberships.

This offer includes NEW Memberships AND Annual Renewals to Plus that process before the end of 2021!  In other words, renew or upgrade to a year of Plus and save $120!

Sale Dates: December 8, 2021 at 8am PST – December 9, 2021 at 8am PST

Greyscalegorilla PlusGreyscalegorilla Plus

Step up your 3D career.

Plus gives you what you need to create beautiful renders in less timewith Pro Training, Material Collections, and Plugins.

Everything customers need to step up their 3D career and create beautiful renders in less time - with award-winning plugins, high-rez materials, and pro training compatible with Cinema 4D, Redshift, Arnold Render and More.

Included in Greyscalegorilla Plus and Teams:

  • AWARD-WINNING PLUGINS As a Plus member, you get ALL of our time-saving plugins and instantly stay up to date with all the latest versions. Trusted by professionals, our plugins give you studio lighting, make complex animations a breeze, and help you create photo-realistic renders in minutes.
  • HIGH REZ MATERIALS AND ASSETS Get the biggest and most beautiful C4D material library ever made. Plus includes ALL of our Material Collections. That’s over 2,900 handcrafted, seamless drag-and-drop materials and assets, ready to use in your next render. Members also get access to 500+ HDRIs. Unlock real environments and true-to-life studios to give Cinema 4D a powerful boost with the best high-dynamic-range-images for 3D.
  • PROFESSIONAL TRAINING Get instant access to our entire Gorilla U training library. Get over 500 hours of professional, on-demand Cinema 4D training. Stream your courses 24 hours a day. Anytime. Anywhere. Get snappy tutorials when you need an immediate solution or in-depth training when you want to dive deeper.

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What’s new in GSG Plus?

Greyscalegorilla Plus just got bigger and better with the addition of Wood Materials, Light Gobos, Surface Imperfections: Dust, and a brand new plugin. The following is a description from Greyscalegorilla on what’s new in Greyscalegorilla Plus!

If you’re already a Greyscalegorilla Member, be sure to log into the Greyscalegorilla Hub to get these new items. If you’re not yet a Greyscalegorilla plus member, there’s a sale coming! (See above)

Wood Materials Vol. 1

Update: Greyscalegorilla Plus Wood Materials

Ready to carve out some time for incredibly realistic renders? The newest Greyscalegorilla material collection boasts 50 hand-crafted wood materials, including Oak, Ash, Maple, Pecan, and more. This is the best Wood Material Collection available for Cinema 4D artists. Use these woods to create clean, beautiful, high-quality renders. Think flooring. Architectural visualization. These woods are completely tileable and at a high resolution…so zoom in for unmatched, realistic details.



Update: Greyscalegorilla Plus Gobos

Raise your hand if you’ve ever built an object for the sole purpose of emitting a shadow on your render. We’ve all done it. With new Light Gobos from Greyscalegorilla, the work is done for you. Plus Members now have 5 collections of Gobos to choose from…that’s 64 visual patterns to cast on your render. Use Plants, Windows, Lines, Caustics, or Abstract patterns to break up the light and add visual depth to your image.

Gobos Training Tutorial

Surface Imperfections: Dust

Update: Greyscalegorilla Plus Surface Imperfections: Dust

What pairs better with your new Wood Materials than dust? The newest pack in the Surface Imperfections Collection can be used to add realistic layers of Dust to your next render. Keep it light…maybe a simple surface cleaning. Or pile it on for the haunted house vibe. You’ll have clients begging for a Swiffer.


Social Frame Plugin

Update: Greyscalegorilla Social Frame

Introducing Social Frame, another Greyscalegorilla plugin created to save you time. With Social Frame, you can visualize cropping and adjust your framing for various aspect ratios. Need to render an image for a square Instagram post, a vertical story, and a Twitter header, but don’t have time for 3 separate renders? With the visual guides in Social Frame, render one image that you can crop for all your Social Media needs. With less time spent rendering and more time spent posting, you’ll please the algorithm gods.

Social Frame Training Tutorial

Check out these new training tutorials from GSG

Using Social Frame in Cinema 4D | Greyscalegorilla Product Training

With Social Frame, you can visualize cropping and adjust your framing for various aspect ratios. All inside your C4D viewport. Exclusively in Greyscalegorilla Plus.

What’s new in Signal 3.0

Nick Campbell walks you through all the new features packed in Signal 3.0 like the new ease curve menu, the looper modifier, and more. And he shows you how he creates a whole bunch of animations without a single keyframe!

Gobos Product Training (Octane, Redshift, Arnold)

This training shows you best practices to use Greyscalegorilla Light Gobos in Octane, Redshift or Arnold in Cinema 4D.

Greyscalegorilla PlusGreyscalegorilla Plus

Step up your 3D career.

Plus gives you what you need to create beautiful renders in less time. Learn how you can get over $9000 of Pro Training, Material Collections, and Plugins for only $49 per month or $399 per year.

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What’s the difference between Greyscalegorilla Plus and Greyscalegorilla for Teams?

We’ve broken it down for you in an easy-to-understand chart.

Compare Greyscalegorilla Plus and Greyscalegorilla Teams

Greyscalegorilla for TeamsGreyscalegorilla for Teams

Your one-stop to get everything your team needs

Greyscalegorilla for Teams includes every Greyscalegorilla Cinema 4D plugin, material collection, asset library, and professional training series. An annual subscription includes all upgrades, support, maintenance, and render nodes. There are no hidden fees. Our Teams program is available to customers ordering 3 or more licenses.

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