Coming Soon: Boris Soundbite: Dialogue Search for Apple Final Cut Pro

Boris Soundbite quickly and accurately finds any word or phrase spoken in recorded media.

Video editors, producers, and journalists can instantly play all occurrences of a spoken phrase in their media, then insert the perfect take into their Final Cut Pro project, organize clips around keywords, and even find replacement words for problematic audio. Based on Nexidia’s patented dialogue search technology – which has received accolades from Creative COW, DV Magazine, Post, and others – Boris Soundbite greatly reduces logging and transcription costs and lets you spend your time being creative instead of manually searching hours of video.

Find Any Word or Phrase Find any word or phrase which is spoken in your audio and video files. Simply select folders or FCP projects and Soundbite will search hundreds of hours of media instantly. To refine your search, you can combine up to 8 different spoken phrases with standard file system and FCP metadata filters, then save your search criteria to save even more time later.

Preview Results Select any clip in the results list and hit the Space bar to preview it in the Soundbite player window. Left/right arrows skip between hits in the file, up/down arrows skip to the next file. Colored markers in the player's timeline show where each hit occurs, and you can set in and out points to create sub-clips, then export selected clips directly to Final Cut Pro.

Export to Final Cut Pro With a single click, selected clips will appear in your FCP browser, bins, or projects – with colored markers for each dialogue hit and the in/out points you set in Soundbite. Each marker is named with the matching dialogue for easy reference. You can even push the markers into existing clips to avoid duplicating media.

Multiple Languages Supported Boris Soundbite will support multiple languages and dialects, including English, French, Spanish, German, Italian, and Dutch, with more to come. Soundbite includes your choice of one language; additional language packs will be sold separately. Go here for a complete list of currently supported languages and dialects.

Posted by Alicia