Adobe CS5 Cleaner Tool for installation problems (removes CS3-CS5.5) + Moving Plug-ins

With Adobe CS6 out in just a few days, this tool will remove older versions of Adobe software from your system.

With Adobe CS6 out in just a few days, this tool will remove older versions of Adobe software from your system. Sure you could just trash everything but software these days leaves little bits and pieces of code all over your system. This tool will remove all the pieces from your system.

Here are some instructions:

  1. Back up your plug-ins, scripts, presets, etc. from After Effects and other programs.
  2. Download the Adobe CS5 Cleaner Installation Tool and run it
  3. Run the Adobe CS6 Installer
  4. Put your Plug-ins, presets and scripts where they belong in CS6.

Why do you want to remove CS5.5 and earlier?

  1. To avoid system & software conflicts
  2. To free up space

Download the Cleaner Tool here.

Yes, there are reasons you may not want to uninstall older versions of After Effects, for example, your clients have not upgraded. You can of course try running both on your system, but this script is here in case of problems. Adobe “recommends” removing older versions of the software but it is not required.

Note: The first item under “Before you start”: Back up all files stored in Adobe product directories, including custom plug-ins or profiles you have installed.

Here are a couple of tutorials for moving your CS5 plug-ins to CS5.5. The same method applies to CS6. I'm suggesting that you back up your plugins and the video explains the locations where your plug-ins might be:

  1. Plug-ins Folder
  2. Media Core Folder

Moving Plug-ins to CS6

Because many plug-ins will not be ready by with installers for Adobe CS6 ships, it does not mean they will not work.  The Editing Whiz has created a tutorial on Moving After Effects CS5.5 Plug-ins to CS6. Below are some older tutorials that we did for AE CS5.5. The same concept applies. Not everything will work, but you will be surprised at how many will function just fine. This will save you a lot of time re-installing as well. The videos are about making aliases but we are suggesting that you move them, since you'd be deleting older instances of After Effects anyway.

Transfering your After Effects CS5 plug-ins to After Effects CS5.5

How to Transfer CS5 Plug-ins to CS5.5 in Windows

Note: If you do not remove older versions of After Effects from your system and have multiple instances of the plug-ins on your system, you will likely get some errors. It will probably work fine but you'll find yourself clicking through an endless series of popup windows telling you you have duplicates.

Posted by Michele Yamazaki