Update: Hit’n’Mix RipX DeepAudio v5.1 & DeepRemix v5.1

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Hit’n’Mix RipX DeepAudio and DeepRemix have been updated to v5.1. They’ve added improvements to their vocal separation and more. We’ve also added a demo version so you can try it for yourself!

What’s new in Hit’n’Mix RipX DeepAudio v5.1 & DeepRemix v5.1

  • Improvements to vocal separation
  • Improvements to bass and drums/percussion separation
  • Improved kick and snare drum separation
  • Faster high-quality processing speeds
  • Simpler with only 3 speed/quality settings

Hit'n'Mix RipX DeepAudioHit'n'Mix RipX DeepAudio

AI Empowerment. Audio Mastery.

With Hit'n'Mix RipX DeepAudio, easily and accurately splits full-mix stereo MP3s, WAVs and other file formats into voice, drums, bass, sound effects, guitar, keyboard, and other layers, using industry-leading AI source separation.

Learn MoreTry Hit'n'Mix RipX DeepAudio for free!

Hit'n'Mix RipX DeepRemixHit'n'Mix RipX DeepRemix

AI Liberation. Music Creation.

Split full-mix stereo MP3s, WAVs, most mainstream file formats into voice, drums, bass, keyboard, and more with Hit'n'Mix RipX DeepRemix.

Learn MoreTry Hit'n'Mix RipX DeepRemix for free!

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Posted by Michele Yamazaki