Update: e-on Spring 2019 Release, New Features in VUE and PlantFactory

e-on Spring 2019 release

The e-on Spring 2019 release update brings VUE and PlantFactory to build 2003711. Accordingly, there are lots of new features, plus several bug fixes.

e-on Spring 2019 Release New Features Highlights


  • Added Interactive Path Traced preview (ideal to monitor PBR shader authoring for instance)
  • Enhanced the “top transition” blending function of segments by extrapolating the parent shape
  • Added “Single Texture Per Material” baked export mode
  • Improved texture baking
  • Added running the color algorithm, fixing seams for low mips.
  • Enhance preview contrast by reducing GI contribution by half
  • Add filter 2D new points using the last clicked point and always find a place to add them (even when far away of the curve)
  • Zoom where the mouse is in graph view, handle slowdown key, allows smaller zoom.
  • Reworked UDIM export to sort by material
  • Improved filter editor interface
  • Added invert front and back option in flower node
  • Fixed polygons count when using Auto LOD (show the count for the actual LOD)
  • and more

New VUE Features

  • OpenVDB clouds now support import options.
  • Added mapping option for OpenVDB cloud
  • Added cloud modulation for MetaClouds and VDB volumes
  • Users can choose VDB grids to export
  • Optimization of VDB saves
  • Multi-thread cloud export
  • [Plugins] Added compatibility
    • 3ds Max 2020.
    • Maya 2019 (no compatibility with V-Ray Next and no Mental Ray)
    • LightWave 2019.
  • Allow changing some post-processing options in the plug-ins (including artistic gamma tweak).
  • [import/Terrain] automatically center non-geolocated altitude rasters instead of popping up the mostly useless centering dialog
  • Added support for the following
    • Displacement mapping
    • camera backdrop
    • texture map repeat modes (repeat, mirror, or once)
    • backlight and highlights (generalized support)
    • highlight color output
    • 2 sided materials
    • texture mapped luminous output on path tracer side
  • and more

See the full release notes for the Spring release here.


Posted by Michele Yamazaki