Effect: Venetian Blinds-style Transition

A customer emailed and asked what options were available for a Venetian Blinds-style transition, so I put together a quick video of examples of plug-ins for Final Cut Pro and After Effects.

Now, a Venetian Blinds style effect is something that most people will not use everyday but for some types of videos, it’s the perfect transition. I put together a quick video of examples of plug-ins for Final Cut Pro and After Effects

The packages shown are available for the following:

All of these packages have several different options for transitions and many you have a lot of options to modify the transition to your liking. There are all sorts of circle wipes, radial wipes, mirror transitions, jaws transitions, organic transitions, gradient wipes… you name it.

FxFactory and Coremelt are the least expensive options and both will work in After Effects and Final Cut Pro with a single license.

Boris Continuum and Sapphire are available are more expensive, but also work for both AE & FCP

My favorite for transitions is Boris Continuum though because there are so many options to modify and some nice presets.

All of these plug-ins are available to demo here.
I highly recommend that you try out all of them and see what you like best. Each has its strengths and all are very different as far as options and look.

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Posted by Michele Yamazaki