Updates: February 2021 Updates for Adobe Video Apps

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Earlier this week, Adobe released updates to some of its video apps. The details below are paraphrased from Adobe and are mainly bug fixes and performance enhancements. All of these updates are free to current Adobe Creative Cloud subscribers.

Adobe Premiere Pro 14.9

The February 2021 release (version 14.9) includes various performance enhancements (such as optimized audio effect rendering on Intel Core i9 CPUs, and faster exports for H264 and HEVC on macOS) and bug fixes..

Fixed Issues in 14.9:

  • durations when setting minimum values in the Essential Sound panel
  • rolling edits when rulers are displayed in the Program Monitor
  • contextual menus and Track resizing when renaming tracks
  • where Extensions were displayed as greyed out
  • where Ghosts projects were created when saving in some virtualized environments
  • Also, improved stability when sending sequence with Essential Sound Panel effects to AU

Get the full release notes here

Premiere Rush 1.5.50

Adobe also updated Rush, which is available for desktops, iOS, and Android.

  • Easily flip/mirror videos clips, images, stickers, and overlays
    On Desktop, iOS, and Android, users can easily flip/mirror videos clips, images, stickers, and overlays
  • New sound effects
    On iOS, choose from more than 1,500 sound effects to add excitement to your video
  • Performance improvements on iOS, including improved battery life, less heating, and faster exports. In fact, exports are up to 7x faster on iPhone 12 Pro. But, the improvements apply across the board with some variation in export gains, depending on the footage and iOS model.

See the full release notes

Note: Adobe Rush Starter is free. You can also get the Single app for Adobe Premiere Rush from Adobe. Most importantly, it’s included with Premiere Pro and Adobe Creative Cloud subscriptions.

Media Encoder v 4.9

This update includes minor bug fixes.

Adobe After Effects 17.7

New features in 17.7

This update actually came out in January but in case you missed it, here are some details.

  • More accurate Content-Aware Fill. Handle lighting shifts in footage better with improved Content-Aware Fill. It helps you cleanly remove objects from footage where harsh lighting changes occur throughout the footage.
  • Color Space and Gamma Changes
    The default working space and Gamma curve is modified for all RED files.

See the New features summary

Bug Fixes in 17.7:

  • 3D Reference Axis colors now match the 3D gizmo.
  • 3D Reference Axes are now on by default. To disable them, click on the Grid and Guide Options button at the bottom of the Composition panel.
  • Fixed an issue with 3D Transform Gizmo that caused gizmo components to render overlapped when using a negative scale.
  • Fixed an issue that prevented dragging to reorder more than one effect at a time in the Effect Controls panel.
  • Fixed an issue that caused tools at the bottom of Lumetri Scopes panel to be clipped on a HiDPI Windows system.
  • Fixed an issue with Content Aware Fill that caused a color shift in generated fill layers when switching Project Working Space from ProPhoto RGB to Rec.709 Gamma 2.4.
  • Fixed an issue in the Content Aware Fill options where the lighting correction checkbox would show as checked when a Fill Method that didn’t support lighting correction was selected.
  • Fixed an issue with Content Aware Fill when using 16bpc projects.
  • Fixed an issue where CMYK files may shift colors unexpectedly when the Project Working Space is linearized or using a non-display-style color profile.
  • Fixed an issue where an Alpha channel dialog may display incorrectly when importing a CMYK Photoshop file.
  • Fixed an issue where expression edits made in the Graph Editor were not applied consistently.

See all of the bug fixes

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