Flash Sale: Soundoys FilterFreak – Only $29! Last Chance, ends today April 22, 2021

filterfreak flash sale

This is your last chance to buy Soundtoys Filterfreak, the resonant analog filter, at 80% Off.  Get the warm, fat, analog sound for only $29.00!  Get it now.  Sale ends today, April 22, 2021.


Flash Sale! FilterFreak – Only $29! Sale ends Today, April 22, 2021

Resonant Analog Filter

At Soundtoys, we’re big on analog. We think that sound is important. So we designed FilterFreak to be fat. To be warm. To be, well, analog.

All the reviews and feedback say we got it. We also designed it to do all the things you do with filters. From funky envelope followers like Mutron, to classic synth style reshaping with ADSR, to big resonant LFO sweeps like the Sherman Filterbank, as well as the classic sound of the old Morley WahWah pedals. Even two flavors of the great old Sci-Fi sample and hold sound. But a plug-in needs to be more. So, we added a unique Rhythm Mode that lets you create cool custom patterns that lock to MIDI. A ll the fat and the flexibility of a whole closet full of filters and beyond.

Double your Pleasure

Need more power? Fire up FilterFreak2 (It’s part of the package). That’s two fat analog filters you can run serial or parallel for total filter dominance. Each can select from Low Pass, High Pass, Band Pass and Band Reject. As well as, 2, 4, 6, or 8 pole filters. Bass, guitar, drums, synths, vocals, anything you want to put through it and anyway you want it.

MSRP: $149.00  SALE: $29.00

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Posted by Kim Sternisha