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sound radix muteomatic freebie

Sound Radix offers this simple yet elegant plug-in that automates the “Talkback Mic” workflow when tracking in a modern day DAW, the Muteomatic.  Audio producer, mixer and engineer, Marcus Huyskens says it’s a must have free plug-in for anyone tracking in PreSonus Studio One.

Sound Radix Muteomatic

muteomatic iconsMUTEOMATIC is an elegant and simple plug-in that automates the activation of a talkback or listen microphone channel according to your DAW’s transport state and boldly displays the channel’s activation status.

Did you ever find yourself talking to the band in the studio excitedly, only to realize that you’ve spoken to yourself for the last few minutes, because you’d forgotten to press the talkback button? Or did you ever have to put out a fire started by a client who had commented on a talent’s attitude while the talkback mic had been unwittingly left open?


MUTEOMATIC will automatically mute the talkback or listen mic channels according to your DAW’s transport state, opening the mic automatically when the DAW stops and muting it back when the DAW is in playback or recording mode, all while clearly displaying when the mic is open or muted, so that you won’t find yourself in awkward positions or have to play fireman again.

In addition, MUTEOMATIC can be used to automatically mute long effect tails or a monitor’s vocal effects when the DAW is no longer playing, clearing the air for intelligible conversation.


Note: You must have a Sound Radix account and sign in to get the free plug-in.

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Muteomatic Tutorial

In the video below, Marcus Huyskens (audio producer, mixer and engineer) demostrates Muteomatic and says that it is “an incredibly useful utility plug-in that aims to simplify / automate the ‘Talkback Mic’ workflow when tracking in a modern day DAW.”

Marcus also states, “In this video, I demonstrate one on my favourite FREE plug-ins – Muteomatic by SoundRadix, in use in PreSonus Studio One.”

See Marcus Huyskens’ original article here: https://marcus-huyskens-music.com/mh-music-blog


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