Freebie: Audiomodern Playbeat Creative Packs

audiomodern playb creative packs freebies

If you’re an Audiomodern Playbeat user, check out these FREE creative packs that expand the capabilities of Playbeat to make your next loops even more unique.

Audiomodern Playbeat Creative Packs

Expand the capabilities of Playbeat with new packs to make your next loops even more unique.
These collections are loaded with new sounds and patterns which you can tweak, edit & remix to take Playbeat to the next level.


Dark Techno for Playbeat


Dark Techno for Playbeat


Playbeat Starter Pack by Dean Daughters


Playbeat Starter Pack by Dean Daughters

Get the Free Creative Packs

Audiomodern PlaybeatAudiomodern Playbeat

World's Smartest Groove Machine

Playbeat is the Next Generation Creative Groove Engine for Windows, macOS and iPad.

Create infinite variations of the grooves while maintaining a sense of creativity, inspiration, and momentum. No two patterns will ever be the same.

Unlike other groove creators that are limited to one specific algorithm, Playbeat innovates by using advanced sonic analysis algorithms to create or remix completely original grooves that never repeat and always sound great!

With the ability to generate and suggest different combinations for your beats on the fly, you’ll always have something fresh and new, from simple pattern remixes to more complex drum beats.

The more you play, the more combinations you get.

Learn MoreTry Audiomodern Playbeat for free!

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Posted by Kim Sternisha