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Freebie: Battle Axe Schmeeer for After Effects

battle axe schmeeer freebie

Create automatic smears with the new, free After Effects plug-in, Battle Axe Schmeeer.  It’s very handy when the Echo effect just doesn’t work the way you want it to.

Battle Axe Schmeeer

Because the Echo effect doesn’t always make sense. Work with echo’s more intuitively and by dynamically adding frames and adjusting the length based on the on-screen motion of a layer.

Dynamic smearing is driven by the on-screen motion in position, rotation, scale and even parented movement.


  • Smear length: How far do you want to smear?
    • 100% will be the full distance between the current and previous frame
    • 50% will be half the distance between the current and previous frame
  • Distance threshold: How far does a layer need to move before the smears start?
    • Layer movement less than the threshold (in pixels) will not have smears applied.
    • Note: Smears are cool, but they are typically impactful because of a contrast between smeared and non-smeared frames. Smearing everything can make things look too smooshy, but it’s your project. Do whatever you want.
  • Count multiplier: Increase this value if you notice stepping on the smears. Be careful because this value is multiplying the the number of echoes.
  • Echo effect: You can probably leave alone unless you know what you’re doing

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Posted by Kim Sternisha