Freebie: Cinema 4D: Divider Plug-in for Procedural Divisions

free cinema 4d divider plugin

Divider, a free Cinema 4D fragmentation plug-in created by Aleksei Karpik, makes it easy to make modular-style topology and looping animation in Cinema 4D.

DIVIDER – Cinema 4D Fragmentation Plug-in

About Divider, Aleksei says “DIVIDER is a Cinema 4D plugin that makes procedural subdividions on polygon meshes allowing the user to create modular – style topology and looping animation in a few clicks.   I wrote it inspired by Dmitris Laopoulos, Matt Taylor and Pasha Ho stuff. I also re-created Dmitris and Taylor algorithms and gave them their names 🙂 The whole work’s been done as a part of BDSR course.”

This plug-in works with Cinema 4D R16+, but the “Plugin is on pre-alpha stage so there might be some bugs.”

Check it out in the video below.

Get Divider Here

Found via Lesterbanks.  Thanks for sharing.


Aleksei also offers a handy tutorial to get you started:

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Posted by Kim Sternisha