Freebie: Cinema 4D Train Station Clock 3D Model

train station clock freebie

The Pixel Lab is offering a cool old fashioned Train Station Clock 3D model for free.  It was modeled in C4D and textured for Octane Render.

Here’s what Joren at The Pixel Lab has to say, “This one is by my friend Brian Pilgrim. He modeled it and I textured it up for Octane Render. (If you use other render engines you’ll have to re-texture, but it shouldn’t be too bad). It’s a rad old fashioned train station clock.”

Please note that the brick wall texture is not included in the download.  But it is part of the Octane Texture Pack 2.

Get the free clock model


octane texture packOctane Texture Pack 2

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Posted by Kim Sternisha