Freebie: Photoshop: Exr-IO v2 OpenEXR Plug-in w/ Cryptomatte Support + Tutorials

3d-io exr-IO freebie

3d-io has released Exr-IO v2, an update for the free OpenEXR plug-in for Adobe Photoshop. It includes support for additional features like cryptomatte decoding, support for mipmaps and ripmaps, reduced memory consumption and numerous quality, compatibility, and stability improvements with better error handling.

Exr-IO v2

Exr-IO 2.00 is a kind of digital Kirlian camera for imaginative artists. You can see things that were hidden from you all the time:
Cryptomatte passes which generate automatically masks for your objects, billions of uncompressed colors. Each and every shade, reflection and shadow of your 3D work can be now accessed and retouched.

Exr-IO 2 lets you edit images in Photoshop like in full-featured video-compositing software!

Cryptomatte support

The new version of the popular Exr-IO file format plug-in includes support for cryptomatte decoding.
Seeing exact and comprehensive Cryptomatte channels in Photoshop is like looking at the dark side of the moon. Suddenly there is serious visual assistance for any kind of 3d artwork retouching. Every object, layer, material or user defined object selection in 3D becomes a visible, editable Photoshop layer mask!

Exr-IO 2.00 aims to be as feature complete as possible to allow users to read and write the full scope of EXR image data wherever possible and avoid situations where a file cannot be opened because of missing support for a feature of the format. It also tries to preserve and recover as much data as it can to allow Photoshop being used as an intermediate step in a complex production pipeline.

OpenEXR has gained huge popularity in the VFX, design, game and image research industries due to its rich features and support for high quality production. Exr-IO supports this approach and provides free availability and customizable options to allow the inclusion of Photoshop into as many different OpenEXR production workflows as possible.

The free download and documentation can be found at the Exr-IO website.  Just click the link below.

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If you want to learn more about how to use Exr-IO, 3d-io offers many tutorials for 3dsMax, Vray, Maya, Arnold and Blender.

You can watch all the tutorials here:


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Posted by Kim Sternisha