Freebie: Final Cut Pro X Templates to Speed Up Your Workflow

Free Templates for FCPX

There are a lot of free and paid Final Cut Pro X and Motion templates out there. While it’s important to create your own content, sometimes a template is what you need for a slim budget or when you just don’t know how to create something yourself. I find good templates to be a great tool to learn from. All it takes is a bit of reverse engineering. Here are a few you may like.

Free FCP.CO FCPX Plugin & Template Roundup

“If there is one request we hear over and over again at FCP.co towers, it’s “Please bring back Free Effect Friday.” So we thought why not! A bunch of free Final Cut Pro X plugins for you to download.

You asked, we listened and gave in. Not too sure we can manage it every week, but we will do our best to highlight the new free plugins for FCPX.

First up, we will mention it again. If you haven’t download FxFactory’s Timecode plugin that displays a large timecode reader window that floats over FCPX, then do so. You have to have FxFactory installed, but that doesn’t cost.

Next is a free set of plugins called XEffects 3D Text Wraps, these allow you to wrap any image around 3D text in FCPX. Idustrial Revolution has taken the 8 built-in 3D Titles and added a drop zone to each along with publishing the XYZ position and rotation controls. This means that you can position the middle point of any of the animations where you want from the Inspector. Or indeed keyframe a move.

A lot of functionality (A lot supplied by Apple!) for free.” – FCP.co

Learn More

idustrial revolution free xeffectsFreebie: idustrial Revolution Free XEffects for FCPX

Idustrial Revolution was featured back in March for Freebie Friday too.

idustrial Revolution has over 20 Final Cut Pro X plug-ins that are absolutely free, such as Glow Darks, Simple Titles, Flare Lights, Panel Flip and more.

All you need to do to get the free XEffects Plug-ins is complete a simple form upon checkout and a link will be displayed & emailed to you.

Get The Free XEffects Plug-ins

12 Free Media Display – FCPX Templates

A free set of 12 media display FCPX templates in 4K Resolution from Simple Video Making. These were designed to showcase your images or videos. The templates require FCPX 10.4 or above. To use the templates, they need to be put into your Generators folder in Motion Templates.

Download here


Fizz: Free FCPX Template

First a couple of templates from Connor Productions. These are a few years old but still quite useable.

Introducing Conner Production’s latest free FCP X Template: “Fizz.” Easily make an organic looking text effect that “bubbles up” to load and reveal your text.

Learn More & Download

Buffer: Free FCPX Template

Introducing Conner Production’s latest free FCPX Template: “Buffer.” Easily make an organic looking text effect that “glitches” to load.

Download Template

Want more?

idustrial Revolution offers tons of plug-ins designed exclusively for Final Cut Pro X. While not free, you can try them for free with Noise Industries FxFactory (Free download).


idustrial revolution xeffects tracking calloutsCheck out the newest XEffects plug-in, Tracking Callouts:

XEffects Tracking Callouts are a set of 22 callout title plugins for FCP X that feature built-in object tracking.

Just select an area and then let the plugin analyze the movement of the object to build a precise tracking match for the title. The plugins are fast to track and fast to render, even with 4K media.




Posted by Michele Yamazaki