Freebie: idustrial Revolution AutoFlare – Free FCPX Title Effect

idustrial revolution autoflare freebie

XEffects AutoFlare is a free title effect plugin for Final Cut Pro X, created by idustrial Revolution, that creates a flare that automatically follows a predefined path on an image or video.

idustrial Revolution AutoFlare

XEffects AutoFlare is a free title effect plugin for Final Cut Pro X that automatically follows a path on an image or video. Two onscreen controls define the start and end position of the move. You are not locked in to a horizontal line either, the flare track can be at any angle.

Perfect for adding a highlight to text, an edge of a frame or any surface that would reflect light as a flare.

  • Set the start and finish of the flare
  • Track can be at any angle
  • 9 built-in flares to choose from
  • Adjust size, colour and blending mode of the flare
  • Add and adjust flicker
  • Adjust fades at beginning and end of track
  • 4K Ready

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Posted by Kim Sternisha