Freebie: idustrial Revolution XEffects Clock Face Plug-in for FCPX

free clock face plug-in

Here’s a nice little freebie from idustrial Revolution; a clock face plug-in for Final Cut Pro X.  It’s completely customizable, and can be used in a variety of projects.

XEffects Clock Face

XEffects Clock Face is a free title plugin for Final Cut Pro X that allows the display of time on a clock face. The hands of the clock can be set at anytime and animate at any speed to other multiple times. All elements are completely customizable as is the size and position of the clock.



Usage & Copyright info

“We love designing free plugins and publishing them for people to use. Unfortunately there are unscrupulous companies out there who like to download free effects and with the aid of some slick marketing, republish them as commercial products.

Therefore, although these effects are free to download without registration, free to install and free to use on whatever production you wish, even broadcast:

You may not:

  1. Upload the effect plugin, disk image or zip file to any third party site.
  2. Modify the effect and republish on any third party site.
  3. Incorporate the Motion layers into other effects.
  4. Use any part of the downloaded free effects from this site in any commercial product effect, plugin or template without the prior permission of Idustrial Revolution.

We hope you understand our feelings on the above as we want to keep releasing new free plugins to the FCPX community. ”
-idustrial Revolution


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Posted by Kim Sternisha