Freebie: Kitbash3D Mini Kit: Neo City

neo city freebie

Kitbash3D provides premium 3D assets for movies and video games.  The free Neo City mini kit offers select pieces from 3 of their most popular city kits.

Mini Kit: Neo City

Download this mini kit featuring select pieces from some of Kitbash3D’s most popular full world kits: Neo Tokyo, Cyber Streets and Neo Shanghai! You can create cyberpunk megacities, sci-fi dystopias or overpopulated metropolises in an all-too-nigh futuristic blur of neon, crime and unknowable overlords, or do the unexpected with the genre and create a bright and sunny cyber scene. The choice is yours! 

RENDER ENGINES: Octane / Vray / Redshift / Native Renderers

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Kitbash3D’s goal is to enable and inspire you, the creators of these virtual worlds, to build the most amazing spectacles your creativity can dream up.  Learn more at Kitbash3D.com


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