Freebie: Quixel Mixer Free Beta, More Free Megascans

Quixel Mixer Free Beta

Quixel has announced that their standalone rapid texture creation tool, Quixel Mixer, will be free for everyone during the beta period, which Quixel is predicting will take about a year. They are hoping for your feedback on as they work on the Quixel Mixer Free Beta.

Quixel Mixer is a PBR texture editing tool that has been included only with Megascans, a subscription scan library. They’ve also added to their free Megascans assets! After the beta, Mixer will cost $99.

Download Quixel Mixer Free Beta

Download Free Megascans

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See Quixel’s CEO Teddy Bergsman Lind’s Post, “The Year of Mixer” – Teddy Bergsman talks about the timeline of Quixel and the announcement about the Quixel Mixer Free Beta and the Free Megascans Pack.

Freebie: Quixel Megascans 2018 Free Pack

Freebie: Quixel Megascans 2018 Free Pack

Quixel Megascans are high res, high-quality library of physically based 3D, vegetation and surface scans. They are being used in everything from video games and interactive experiences to films and television, like the Starz series American Gods. Quixel released a free pack, so don’t miss out on this great texture pack!

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Midweek Motivation: Quixel Megascans in Neill Blomkamp’s Adam + Download the Adam Assets!

Midweek Motivation: Quixel Megascans in Neill Blomkamp’s “Adam” + Download the Adam Assets!

Neill Blomkamp is a prominent South African director/writer of hit films like Elysium, District 9, and Chappie. He has been using Unity’s real-time rendering features with his short films in association with Quixel Megascans, a massive library of high-res vegetation and natural PBR scans for games, visualization, and VFX.
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