Freebie: VFXER 3D Model Shatter Pack

VFXER offers a free 3D Model Shatter pack with pre-fractured 3D models, which can be shattered or exploded to dramatic effect. The models are optimized for use in Video Copilot Element 3D, but can be used in other applications as well.

shatter packVFXER 3D Model Shatter Pack

The VFXER 3D Model Shatter pack contains 10 pre-fractured 3D models, which can be shattered or exploded to dramatic effect in your 3D scene. The 3D models have been optimised for use with Element 3D, but can also be used in CINEMA 4D, 3DS Max, Maya or Blender.

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More Models from VFXER

VFXER has also recently released a super cool collection of 50 exciting organic Element 3D models for Sci-Fi VFX, medical & scientific visualization called Bio Cell.

VFXER Bio Cell for Element 3DVFXER Bio Cell for Element 3D

VFXER Bio Cell for Element 3D includes numerous stylized biomedical 3D models, which include DNA, virus cells, blood cells, neurons, bacteria and other micro organisms. It’s everything you need to create organic animations.

The pandemic and a surge of interest in biotechnology has meant there is now a huge demand for VFX and Motion Graphics artists like you to create stylized, scientific/medical 3D content for broadcast and print news media, science documentaries and film.

The biotechnology and life science industry is also expanding at a dizzying pace. Pharmaceutical and future medical technology companies need marketing materials and commercials based around their products.

As a VFX or motion graphics artist this represents a rich opportunity for you to provide these companies with the visual media they are going to need and the VFXER Bio Cell Element 3D pack will help you with that.

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Posted by Kim Sternisha