Freebie: ZBrush Compositor Plugin from Pixologic

Pixologic ZBrush Compositor

Deliver Pixologic™ ZBrush© render passes to Marmoset Toolbag 3 or to Adobe Substance Painter* with the ZBrush Compositor plugin.

Passes will be sent to these applications as image maps applied to a flat displaced Plane3D object. Marmoset Toolbag 3 and Adobe’s Substance Painter can then be used with these passes to generate a composite render.

Check out the overview video, below.

*Adobe’s Substance Painter functionality requires the Standalone Version of Adobe’s Substance Painter.

Download ZBrush Compositor as well as other plugins for ZBrush. Get all of the plugins on the download page in ZBrush 2020.

Download ZBrush Compositor

Via CG Channel

Pixologic ZBrushPixologic ZBrush

The All-In-One Digital Sculpting Solution Designed for the Pursuit of Art

ZBrush sets the industry standard for digital sculpting and painting. Its features enable you to use customizable brushes to shape, texture, and paint virtual clay in a real-time environment that provides instant feedback. with ZBrush get empowered by the same tools employed by film studios, game developers, toy/collectible makers, jewelry designers, automotive/aviation designers, illustrators, advertisers, scientists, and other artists the world over. In fact, we have even received an Academy Award for the technology that powers ZBrush.

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Posted by Michele Yamazaki