Freebie: After Effects: Free Path Arrow Preset

Freebie: After Effects: Free Path Arrow Preset

Want to make an arrow follow a path in AE?  Well, there isn’t a tool for that.  However Mikey Borup has created a preset that allows you to quickly make and animate arrows and it’s free.

Found via Lesterbanks.  Thanks for sharing. 

Lesterbanks says “Hey! Want to hear something ridiculous?! After Effects has absolutely no inherent tool that can add an arrowhead to a vector path. What?! If you want to create and animate an arrow, you are on your own. That is a tiny little thing, but it absolutely blows my mind…The After Effects Path Arrow Preset works with Text Animators, and a path. It will build you an arrow that you can easily animate around as you would any other text animator in AE.” 

Read what else he had to say here.


Mikey is offering the preset here: http://cinemaspice.net/product/path-arrow/

It's name your own price, so you can get it free.  Of course, Mikey did do the heavy lifting on this one, so maybe you could throw a little appreciation his way.

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Here's another easy way to make arrows move along a vector path, although this one is not free but it won't break the bank either:

modio easy arrowsModio Easy Arrows

With the Easy Arrows script, you can attach an arrows, graphics and pre-comps to the ends of a Shape Layer path with the click of a button! The arrow(s) will auto-orient along your stroke and change size to match the width. There is a default arrow included, but you can also use custom layers of your own.

MSRP: $29.95  TF Price $28.45

Learn More | Purchase Easy Arrows

Posted by Kim Sternisha