Freebie: Basefount Miarmy – Free Crowd Simulator

Freebie: Basefount Miarmy – Free Crowd Simulator

Miarmy Express is a free version of Basefount Miarmy crowd simulation software for Maya. It’s free for students and non-commercial work.

Miarmy (read My Army) is a Human Logic Engine based Maya plugin for crowd simulation, AI & behavioral animation, creature physical simulation and rendering.

  • Build human fuzzy logic network without any programming and node connecting
  • Support standard production pipeline, reference, HumanIK and Motion Builder
  • Integrated with PhysX: ragdoll, RBD emitters, force field, cloth, wind, fluid
  • Create stunning crowd VFX using Maya particles, field, fluid and transform
  • Support all renderers

Miarmy simulator is FREE forever. You can download the full software package, along with tons of tutorials, samples, demo files and documents. We also provide some official samples and ready to run presets. And the most amazing part is, they are totally FREE.

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Miarmy is the innovative, revolutionary and easy to use toolkit for Autodesk Maya crowd simulation, behavioral animation, creature physics and rendering, making your work more intelligent.

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Posted by Kim Sternisha