Freebie: C4D 3D models: Edison Lamp and Knife Switch

Freebie: C4D 3D models: Edison Lamp and Knife Switch

Muse Creative is offering several free 3D models. Here are two fun ones: an Edison style lamp and an old fashioned knife switch.

Muse Creative has many freebies available on their site in an effort to help build up the Cinema 4D community.  These were just a couple that caught my eye and could be used together in some way.


Knife Switch

“There’s nothing like the original to create an effect. Whether you’re bringing a monster to life or turning off the city’s lights to rob a bank, in your next piece, feel free to use this detailed knife switch to bring add that something special!”

Download the Knife Switch 3D model here


edison lamp

Edison Lamp

Yuval Zobu is no stranger to the 3D community and he’s been gracious enough to share this great Edison Lamp with the Muse Creative community.

Download the Edison Lamp 3D model here

This file is compatible with R12 & above and is fully textured.

Posted by Kim Sternisha